McDonald's menu displaying $16.89 for Big Mac combo meal (l) Big Mac meal at McDonald's (r)

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‘I’ll never pay that’: McDonald’s customer shows Big Mac combo is $16.89

'It wasn't worth it when it was like $8.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Apr 7, 2023

In a recent video, a TikToker showed how expensive McDonald’s combo items have gotten.

In the video, @xconmedia pans over McDonald’s menu screens while saying, “Well, well, well,” in a disapproving tone. He states that the McDonald’s he’s filming from is located in Connecticut.

“Does anybody see the prices of these combo meals?” he questions.

As he zooms in on the menu prices, viewers can clock that the prices are noticeably higher than usual. A chicken sandwich combo at the location @xconmedia is at costs between $16.69 and $17.89, and a burger runs between $16.89 and $18.29.

When he sees that a Big Mac combo meal costs $16.89, he yells out the price in surprise and irritation.

“Y’all remember them stimulus checks that they gave out? Thought you was getting away with that stimulus money huh? They want it back!” @xconmedia says, concluding the short video.

@xconmedia #mcdonaldsprices #stimulusmoney #inflation2023 #recession2023 #pricesgoingup ♬ original sound – Xcon Media

The TikTok has nearly 300,000 views and a whopping 3,600 comments. The video caption included several hashtags, including #inflation2023, #recession2023, and #pricesgoingup.

Many people in the comments section expressed their disapproval and said they wouldn’t pay that much to eat at the fast food joint.

“It wasn’t worth it when it was like $8,” one person said.

“They can keep those burgers!!!! I’ll never pay that,” another said. @xconmedia replied to this person, saying that he didn’t end up paying for the expensive combo.

A person in Texas shared that a Big Mac at their local McDonald’s only runs them $7.19.

Another person correctly guessed that @xconmedia had to be at a highway rest stop or airport location because they “always have jacked up prices.” In a reply, @xconmedia confirmed he was at a rest stop location.

The DailyDot reached out to @xconmedia via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 7, 2023, 9:40 am CDT