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‘When did Little Caesars become more expensive than Dominos?’: Customer says 2 pizzas at Little Caesars cost him almost $20

'I remember when I could walk in with like $20 bucks and come out with 3 or 4 pizzas.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 13, 2023   Updated on Feb 14, 2023, 8:49 am CST

A Little Caesars customer shared how the pizza chain’s pizza is now more expensive than its competitor, Domino’s.

In the seven-second clip, TikTok user Hugo Castaneda (@hkhugo) asks his followers via overlay text, “Man.. when did Little Caesars become more expensive than Domino’s?”

Then, he zooms in on his two boxes of pizza revealing the receipt. Each pizza came out to be $8.49, totaling $18.47 after tax in Chula Vista, California. According to Castaneda, he thought Little Caesars was “always beneficial” due to “cost and convenience.” In his mind, Dominos’ quality is better—now the “price is as well.”

@hkhugo Lil Ceasars vs Domino’s. #littleceasers #littleceasarspizza #dominos #dominospizza #askhugocsd #pizza #pizzalover ♬ original sound – Hugo Castaneda

The Daily Dot reached out to Castaneda via TikTok comment and Little Caesars via press email regarding the video. The TikTok garnered over 36,000 views as of Monday, where viewers proposed different reasons why the pizza costs so much.

“The cost of doing business in California. little caesars franchisees likely don’t own their buildings. they rent them. rent in ca isn’t cheap,” one viewer wrote.

“It’s bc of the ppl getting 20 pizzas at a time,” a third said.

“When they became the official pizza sponsor of the NFL,” a third suggested.

“Classic pizzas are 5.99 in Texas. Those prices are to cover the cost of elevated wages. You have to pay for that higher wages with higher prices,” another proposed.

Others shared the prices of Little Caesars pizza where they live.

“Inflation my last little Cesar was $30 large cheese crust pizza 2 topping,” one person shared.

“Bro I had it delivered $50 like huh,” a second stated.

“$6.79 in Indiana,” a third commented.

In 2022, Little Caesars raised their prices for the first time in 25 years. The pizza company opened on May 8, 1959, and introduced its promotional pizza in 1997 through shaker boards for $5. Due to supply chains and the pandemic, the price of their pizza increased by 11%, jumping to $5.55 per pizza, and continues to rise. According to the New York Post, the cost of pepperoni rose by 50% over the pandemic. Due to the overinflated prices, their pizzas will have been revamped, consisting of 33% more pepperoni.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2023, 4:08 pm CST