T Mobile employee holding tablet speaking with caption 'when the customer asks why i added 2 extra phone lines n a tablet to their account, but they already signed & paid' (l) T Mobile sign on entrance of building (c) T Mobile employee holding tablet speaking with caption 'when the customer asks why i added 2 extra phone lines n a tablet to their account, but they already signed & paid' (r)

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‘Is this why I have 4 extra lines?’: T-Mobile worker jokes about adding 2 extra phone lines, a tablet to customer’s account without them knowing

'I know you kidding but this is legit why I left T-Mobile.'


Heather Stewart


Posted on Mar 2, 2023

A T-Mobile employee who goes by @mobileexperts4 on TikTok has gone viral on the platform for posting a video in which he jokes about scamming customers by charging them for extra phone lines and products.

The employee filmed the video inside his T-Mobile store behind the front desk. The text on the video reads: “When customers ask why I added two extra phone lines and a tablet to their account, but they already signed and paid.” 

In the humorously sped-up clip, the employee lip-synced to a viral TikTok audio: “And that’s about it, cornball. What don’t you get?” 

@mobileexperts4 Come to me, I’ll hook y’all up💯#tmobile #yousignedacontract ♬ original sound – brooke

Several viewers played along with the employee’s joke in the comments section.

“Def will be catching you outside when you get off LMAO,” one viewer commented.

Another jokingly pointed out that the suggested search term on the video is “T-Mobile employee fired.” 

However, other commenters questioned whether there was any truth to the satire. 

One person wrote, “Is this why I have four extra lines??”

“That’s why I always check what I sign and ask a million questions,” another commenter advised.

Other commenters wrote about their first-hand experience with this alleged T-Mobile scam

“I know [you’re] kidding, but this is legit why I left T-Mobile, caught them adding a line w/o telling me,” one person revealed. 

“T-Mobile literally fucked my credit up by opening two accounts under my socials, and I found out because I got mail from a debt collector saying I owed them money,” a second shared. 

“They did this to me and i got someone fired and an entire store investigated lmfao,” another wrote.

This comment implies that the higher-ups at T-Mobile don’t encourage the shady practices portrayed in the TikTok, but some alleged former employees said otherwise.

“As a former T-Mobile manager, sounds about right,” one viewer wrote. 

“My manager would say, ‘It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission,'” a second commented. 

“This is why I quit working there,” another shared. “They are so obsessed with the store making their quotas that they’ll force you to do stuff like this.” 

Other commenters said the questionable ethics are a problem throughout the cellphone industry—not just within T-Mobile.

“This is every phone company,” one person claimed. “Don’t hate the employees, hate the culture that the industry has forced them to do to barely make a living.” 

“They can’t make a living wage without screwing people over,” another commenter wrote. 

According to Indeed, T-Mobile gives sales employees a base hourly pay and commissions. This means that the more employees sell, the more T-Mobile pays them.

The Daily Dot reached out to T-Mobile via email and to @mobileexperts4 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 2, 2023, 2:28 pm CST