Heather Stewart

Heather Stewart is a freelance reporter and previous intern for the Daily Dot. She was previously an executive producer at The Drag, UT’s award-winning podcast production house as well as a projects intern for KUT Austin. Her work can be found in the Austin Chronicle, the Victoria Advocate and more.

Hand holding cup(l), Dumpster(c), Tesla(r)

‘Ooooops sorry Elon’: Man mistakes Tesla Cybertruck for a dumpster

‘That thang ugly.’

On by Heather Stewart

Man talking(l), Starbucks logo(c), Man dressed up(r)

‘Had a manager tell me she’d write us up for batching fraps’: Barista shows what it’s like after Starbucks releases 4 for $20 deal

‘This is why I quit.’

On by Heather Stewart

Woman talking(l+r), Finger pressing doorbell(c)

‘That would have been a selling point for me’: Woman shares why you should always test the doorbell before buying a house

‘This almost feels like a prank from the last homeowners.’

On by Heather Stewart

Man talking(l+r), Sonic sign(c)

‘Eviction over Sonic is crazy’: Tenant confronts neighbor caught stealing DoorDash on Ring camera

‘This healed all the anger I had from all the times my food was stolen.’

On by Heather Stewart

American airline planes(l), Woman showing off cosmetic(c), Bag(r)

‘This is all stuff you would have in your carry on anyway’: American Airlines customer unboxes bag airline gives you if they lose your checked luggage

‘The way they have this if your bag is lost shows me they lose bags WAY too often.’

On by Heather Stewart

Dollar General(l), Man talking(c), Mountain Dew(r)

‘Oh no, these are 4 for $12’: Dollar General customer sees Mountain Dew on sale but young cashier can’t figure out how to enter sale

‘Why did it take this long for all this to happen?’

On by Heather Stewart

Mechanic Talking(l+r), Catalytic converter(C)

‘Prius and Tundras are on thieves’ radars’: Mechanic shows the real reason thieves steal catalytic converters—and what you can do to protect your car

‘These people will literally climb underneath your car…’

On by Heather Stewart

Woman talking(l+r), Panera(c)

‘Seemed like they’ve never been in a restaurant’: Woman apologizes to all Panera workers after going during lunch rush, realizing no one can order

‘People have zero self awareness’

On by Heather Stewart

Toyota employee shows automaker finally fixed the remote start feature

‘I tested it out’: Toyota employee shows automaker changed the controversial remote start feature

‘What’s the purpose behind that, anyone know?’

On by Heather Stewart

Tow truck driver warns wheel theft on the rise

‘This is the fifth Toyota since Monday’: Tow truck driver warns wheel theft is on the rise. Here’s why

‘Where do the stolen wheels go? Who’s buying them?’

On by Heather Stewart

T Mobile employee holding tablet speaking with caption 'when the customer asks why i added 2 extra phone lines n a tablet to their account, but they already signed & paid' (l) T Mobile sign on entrance of building (c) T Mobile employee holding tablet speaking with caption 'when the customer asks why i added 2 extra phone lines n a tablet to their account, but they already signed & paid' (r)

‘Is this why I have 4 extra lines?’: T-Mobile worker jokes about adding 2 extra phone lines, a tablet to customer’s account without them knowing

‘I know you kidding but this is legit why I left T-Mobile.’

On by Heather Stewart

transgender-flag-colored cloth on cross, flanked by two empty crosses

LGBTQ Christians are using Instagram to protest the ex-gay, ex-trans movement

Christians are divided on doctrine—and the stakes are high.

On by Heather Stewart

man pointing to paper in car window 'TOTAL PRICE *$43,700' (l) white Dodge in dealership parking lot (c) man pointing to paper in car window 'Alarm 695.00 Added Markup 9995.00 57,175.00' (r)

‘Lies upon lies’: Car salesman says dealership ‘f*cked over’ customers, bred toxic work environment

‘Finally an honest salesman.’

On by Heather Stewart

two karens are mad at taco bell employee for price of order tiktok

‘You’re pathetic’: Taco Bell Karens place $200 order—and get mad about the cost

‘My daddy owns this corporation, I swear to god.’

On by Heather Stewart

woman at counter (l) papa john's box (c) angry woman stepping off curb while throwing hands in the air (r)

‘Don’t get paid enough for this’: Papa John’s Karen demands refund, screams and throws things at employees

‘Karen took that to the extreme.’

On by Heather Stewart

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