Delivery worker gets suspended. She still has to show up to work

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‘I was really looking forward to seven days off’: Delivery worker gets suspended. She still has to show up to work

‘That’s double punishment.’


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A U.S. postal worker recently went viral after posting a story time video explaining why her work suspension still results in her having to come to work.

TikToker Desiluv (@d3si_luv) filmed the video while placing mail into an apartment complex’s mailboxes. The video was viewed nearly 30,000 times as of Tuesday.

@d3si_luv Make this make sense. I was really looking forward to seven days off. #postalservice #usps #viral #jokes #mailtime ♬ original sound – Desiluv

A text overlay sets the story’s tone: “How I got suspended from work but still have to be at work.”

“Storytime, so y’all, today I got suspended from work,” Desiluv begins. “Now, you may ask, ‘If you got suspended from work, why are you still at work?’”

“Well, see, the way the post office works is when you get suspended, it’s like an in-school suspension, so I still have to be here,” she says.

“Basically, I had called off too much,” she explains. “I already had a letter of warning.”

The postal worker shares how her work environment had caused too much anxiety a few days prior, and she had taken off without notice. Her manager called her into the office the next day and asked her to provide documentation justifying her time off.

“I was like, ‘I can’t have a letter saying you giving me anxiety and having my stress levels up,’” Desiluv continues. “That’s really why I left work.”

In response, her manager suspended her for seven days. However, Desiluv’s suspension differs from what many viewers may have imagined.

“She gave me a 7-day suspension, which basically means I bring my butt to work for seven days straight without calling off,” Desiluv says.

“Crazy thing is I called off today. I called off and ended up bringing my a** to work. … By next Friday, I can start calling off again. Welcome to the post office.”

Former postal workers shared their own experiences in the comments section.

“I worked 14hrs on my first day(the day after thanksgiving) and it was my last day,” one user said.

“Lmmfao we had a girl leave all the mail in the truck on the route and go home,” Desiluv responded.

“Go for them 7 days call off on the 8th day. The money was good working there but i don’t miss this place at all,” another former employee said.

“I was a MPC for like 3 months n they fired me for my attendance. When I literally came in when I wasn’t scheduled and stayed overtime,” a user said.

“That happened to me in-house suspension,” another added.

“Listen.. I’ve had a 7 day, 14 day and letter of removal,” one user shared.

Another argued that USPS can’t afford to lose any more workers: “These jobs can’t afford to send anyone home or fire them at this point.”

Though Desiluv was upset about the suspension, she chose to look at the situation in a positive light: “Listen I’m eatin this overtime up I’m not complaining.”

The Daily Dot contacted Desiluv via TikTok comment and the United States Postal Service via email for further information.

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