Dairy Queen worker finds the smallest chicken strips to put in the basket as payback


‘Making a chicken strip basket for a rude customer’: Dairy Queen worker finds the smallest chicken strips to put in the basket as payback

‘They [don’t] deserve that massive fry.’


Melody Heald


Customer service workers often encounter rude customers. However, some workers are not allowing this to go unpunished. A Dairy Queen worker revealed how they make an order for a rude customer: by finding the smallest chicken strips and giving a tiny amount of fries.

TikTok user @foodswelovetoeat started off the 31-second video by taking a take-out box among the stack. Then, they find four tiny pieces of chicken strips and put them in the box. Next, they pick up the fry scopper and scoop up french fries. Afterward, they emptied it out until two french fries were left and placed it inside. Finally, the content creator wrapped up the video by closing the box and placing it on the counter, ready to be served.


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The Daily Dot reached out to @foodswelovetoeat via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. Viewers shared their thoughts on the video, which garnered over 21,000 views as of Sept. 8.

“They [don’t] deserve that massive fry,” one viewer wrote.

“You wanna really get even give ‘em all the burnt fries you just made their day giving them a big soft fry,” a second commented.

On the other hand, some didn’t agree with the content creator.

“You should really get fired for that,” one user remarked.

“U gonna be wearing that basket as ya hat. Stop playin wit folks,” a second person stated.

“They are going to come back and set it off,” another person warned.

However, @foodswelovetoeat hasn’t the only worker to get revenge on rude customers. McDonald’s worker @papascolvin gets payback by allegedly adding salt to a customer’s Sprite. In another video, a Starbucks employee Amber would charge all of the free extras so the $4 drink is now $10.

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