Panera Bread customer receives $48 DoorDash order in error

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‘I never get dessert’: Viewers divided after Panera Bread customer receives $48 DoorDash order in error—and chooses to eat it

'I got a full refund for my $18 and I'm eatin' McKenzie's food.'


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Posted on Jan 15, 2024   Updated on Jan 15, 2024, 10:29 am CST

A DoorDash delivery driver brought someone who placed an $18 order a more substantial $48 order—and that customer, rather than trying to correct the error, concluded it was her lucky day.

TikTok creator Taylor Bloss (@blosstaylor) drew more than a million views for her video since getting it up on the platform on Wednesday. She begins by stating, “I spent $18 at Panera Bread to get it DoorDashed. My husband grabs it from the porch and brings it up to me and it’s a massive bag. Massive.”

Then, she reveals, “It’s a $48 order for someone named McKenzie. And so this kind of stuff never happens to me. I got a full refund for my $18 and I’m eatin’ McKenzie’s food.”

She assessed the haul favorably, starting by saying, “This is a little bowl she ordered. It’s so good. I just don’t know what these little things are? Not a huge fan.”

A commenter posited they were pickled red onions, with another saying they’re part of the franchise’s Baja Bowl.

She then shows a big sandwich and a half sandwich, both unopened, and “a little brownie,” noting, “I never get dessert. McKenzie was also deprived potato chips and a soup that the creator surmised was clam chowder—but might have been chicken and wild rice, judging from what commenters with Panera Bread knowledge suggested.

“Not sure what that’s about,” she said regarding the soup, “but Mackenzie, thank you.”

Commenters were inspired to share moments in which fortune smiled upon them.

“I got a free $60+ Walmart order plus my stuff once,” one said. “Best moment of my life.”

“This happened to me,” another boasted. “Got someone’s $100 Taco Bell order. I ate it for a week.”

Someone else, just seeking Red Lobster bread, lucked into crab legs.

But sometimes people lose DoorDash roulette as well; as one commenter shared, “One time, I ordered food through DoorDash and got a bag with an empty Gatorade bottle inside.”

A few commenters criticized her for eating an order that was meant for another customer.

But one countered, “Y’all what tf was she gonna do? Go on a f*ckin voyage to find this Mysterious Mackenzie and give her the food?!?”

And Bloss herself went into the comments section to observe, “The ppl in here saying im a bad person for eating it like yall wouldn’t have buss down on this food is CRACKING me up,” before revealing that she texted the Dasher, who said they couldn’t take the food back.

@blosstaylor Thank you, mackenzie it was delish, im sorry my $18 order was prob disappointing but ily! #doordash#grubhub#covid#dualmilitarymarriage ♬ original sound – Taylor Bloss

She riffed on the idea of finding McKenzie to do a food swap in a follow-up video, calling people who would have tried to track down McKenzie “liars.”

@blosstaylor Replying to @Taylor Bloss ♬ original sound – Taylor Bloss

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bloss via TikTok comment and to DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Jan 15, 2024, 2:00 pm CST