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‘I noticed you didn’t leave a tip’: Customer gets shamed by worker for not tipping on pizza pickup order

'For a pickup order??'


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Posted on Feb 21, 2024   Updated on Feb 21, 2024, 2:18 pm CST

Redditors part of the “End Tipping” subreddit are sick and tired of how out-of-hand they think tipping culture has gotten.

Redditor r/matterri recently provoked a discussion in that subreddit after their husband was asked to tip on a pickup order.

“My husband placed an order online for a pizza to go. He paid online and did not put anything for the tip. When he went to pick it up, the guy at the counter said, ‘I noticed you didn’t leave a tip; I wanted to let you know you can still leave one.’ My husband said, ‘Good to know,’ and walked out!” the redditor shared.

The post received 311 upvotes and generated 109 comments from many anti-tipping redditors.

“Same thing happened to me last week; ordered pizza online, paid for it; went to go pick it up and the counter staff said one moment, she printed out the receipt and said ‘can you just fill this out?’…So I filled it out, put a big fat 0 on the tip line, signed, and left,” r/sliders45 shared.

“For a pickup order?? Absolute madness. He did the right thing,” r/whippinflippin added.

“Let the owner know that you’ll take your business elsewhere if you get shaken down for a tip again. It’s your decision,” r/Wallajim advised.

“It won’t stop – it will get worse. Check out the waiters thread, they all think they are entitled to 20-25% even when shit goes terribly wrong. Humans only become more entitled as time goes on and the tipping culture in the US especially is the epitome of this entitlement playing out. Super gross,” r/Okbridge98 warned.

According to a survey by Bankrate, 66% of Americans have a negative view of tipping as of 2023, and 30% think tipping culture is out of control. Thirty-two percent dislike the pre-entered tip screen, and 41% believe businesses should pay their staff properly instead of shirking the responsibility to customers. Terms like tip creep and tip fatigue were coined to describe the spread of tipping culture and consumers reaction to it.

The Daily Dot reached out to r/matterri via Reddit chat for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 21, 2024, 7:00 pm CST