Remote worker accidentally charges her hostel on company credit card


‘How do I explain to my boss’: Remote worker accidentally charges her hostel on company credit card. Her boss doesn’t know she’s traveling

'People be wilding with remote jobs.'


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Posted on Mar 4, 2024   Updated on Mar 4, 2024, 8:47 am CST

Some people take the meaning of “remote” work to its absolute limits. Although the average employer would probably prefer if their employees were working from a desk or somewhere more stable, users on TikTok have admitted to clocking in from all sorts of wild destinations—often without their boss knowing.

For example, users have made videos talking about “working” while shopping or going about their other day-to-day activities. Numerous users have also posted about getting invited to meetings—while they’re sitting on an airplane or getting ready to travel.

Usually, if a remote worker is logging in from an exotic destination, there are ways to hide that fact from their employer. However, TikTok user @lyssserrr may have a slightly harder time explaining herself to her boss.

In a video with over 251,000 views, the TikToker writes, “How do I explain to my boss I accidentally charged my hostel to my corporate credit card when she has no idea I’m working remotely out of Mexico.” The video shows a receipt for a charge to a hostel under the header “February Expenses.”

Immediately, commenters gave her advice about how to remedy the situation.

“Get it refunded and charged to the correct card. Report the corporate card as lost,” said a user.

“Tell them that during your down time you were looking at places to vacay and wanted to get the total price but accidentally hit submit pymt,” offered another.

“Just file it as a personal expense and pay the company back. Tell it her it was by accident or report it as fraud,” shared a third.

“Just make sure you are on that vpn for your work files!” detailed a further user.



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Of course, other users were quick to note that, if the TikToker really wanted to keep this issue away from their boss, they should not post about it on the internet.

“Definitely post the proof of it to Tik tok! Hope this helped!” a TikToker sarcastically exclaimed.

“People be wilding with remote jobs,” shared another.

The Daily Dot reached out to @lyssserrr via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 4, 2024, 11:00 am CST