woman speaking holding sandwich with caption 'I'm like this is thick' (l) woman speaking holding sandwich with caption 'so I'm taking big bites and then I get down to like this part and I'm like dude' (c) woman speaking holding sandwich with caption 'this is 1/2 and this was 1/2 so I was eating both halves at the same time' (r)

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‘If you want to know how big of an idiot I am’: Customer asks for panini to be cut in half. It backfires

'I just see bread'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 2, 2023

The customer is not always right; and there are numerous business advice outlets, and gurus, like Tony Robbins, who will tell you that

TikTok user @lovealexsis self-deprecatingly admitted her own discovery pertaining to this revelation in her epic panini fail which has now tallied nearly 170,000 views and counting.

In the clip, she realizes she made a grave mistake about the construction of her sandwich, only realizing her error after consuming a significant portion of the panini.


I don’t know what i was thinking 😂

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“If you want to know how big of an idiot I am… I asked the barista to cut the sandwich in half,” she recounts, and upon opening the wrapper, realized, “she didn’t cut it in half, oh well.” 

She then noticed the sandwich was a little bigger than usual, “I’m like, this is thick! I’m taking big bites. Then I get down to this part and I’m like, ‘Dude, where’s the stuff?'”

What Alexsis realized next was that she had inadvertently stacked the two halves together and was eating them stacked on top of each other. “I was eating both halves at the same time,” she humbly admits.

The comments section was a mixed bag, mostly of support, but one user posed what we were all thinking, “in your defence, I think you got more bread than stuff,” while another shared this thought, “I’m confused I didn’t see any stuff??” The sandwich in question was in fact a panini to which Alexsis replied to the aforementioned user, “It’s a panini so it’s squished flat, but she didn’t put too much on it.” 

Paninis can often be deceptive in this way, squished so flat that they only look like bread.   

Others were very supportive of this fail, sharing in the self-depracation. “Thank you for making me feel slightly better about myself in those moments,” to which Alexsis replied, “It’s okay to be dumb somtimes.  I always tell people I’m actually really dumb regardless of my success in life.” When it comes to epic sandwich fails, it’s important to be able to have a good laugh at yourself.

Alexsis’ jovial attitude gained her a lot of fans in the comments. “Cute though…” one user flirted, while another shared the admiration, “It’s okay.. I’d still marry you.” Alexsis’ charming attitude proves yet again, it’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you get back up.  

To be fair, Alexsis admitted in the comments section that the sandwich was “$4” which perhaps justified the “lack of stuff” inside. Even at the low price point, maybe we can put some of the onus on the sandwich maker.

“To be honest that sandwich is weak af! It’s so thin.” 

Hey Sandwich-maker, do better next time.

The phenomena on sandwich shops skimping on ingredients is one that more than a few folks have complained about online, and was the subject of a vehement tirade from one Quora forum poster who frustratingly asked: “Why do Subway employees skimp on sandwich toppings?”

One of the top complaints on Trip Advisor of a Jersey Mike’s location was that folks felt like there wasn’t enough filling in their sandwiches.

In 2022, there were numerous reports of “shrinkflation” affecting the portions of grocery store and restaurant food offerings, spurned on by supply chain issues and economic inflation spikes, which began in 2021.

The New York Post penned a piece in the summer of 2022 documenting the grievances diners had with restaurants offering minimized portions and/or higher prices.

There didn’t seem to be any mention of folks biting down on double-thick sandwiches, however, because they didn’t realize they were cut in half.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Alexsis for comment.       

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*First Published: Aug 2, 2023, 3:15 pm CDT