Customer explains she received a bite-size sandwich with just carrots for 7 euros


‘I was 100% against on principle and then you pulled out that mouse sized sandwich’: Tourist receives bite-size panini with just carrots for 7 euros

'I'm going back for revenge.'


Phil West


Posted on May 16, 2023

A Canadian TikToker reported on what she got for 7 euros while traveling in Italy—a laughably small sandwich that the restaurant then hilariously compensated for later.

The two-part video comes courtesy of creator Emily Drew McDonald (@emilydrewmcdonald), with the first video gathering more than 331,000 views in the first week.

She begins by asking, “Okay, wanna see what I just got for fucking 7 euros in Napoli?” Clarifying that she’s talking about Naples, Italy, she proceeds to open a box to reveal a tiny panini sandwich. As she put it, “I could eat this in one bite.”

McDonald noted she was promised “cheese, more cheese, green olives, [and] fucking carrots” for what works out to be about $10.50 in Canadian dollars (or $7.80 USD), but was left underwhelmed.

As she put it in the accompanying caption, “Apparently, Italians think I should be on a diet.”

@emilydrewmcdonald apparently Italians think I should be on a diet #highwayrobbery #panino #minifood #smol #5starmichelin #napoli #naplesitaly #minisandwich ♬ original sound – emilydrewmcdonald

There’s a part two, though, which got more than 665,000 views in two days since going up Sunday.

“I’m going back for revenge,” McDonald professes.

In that video, she carries the little panini back to the restaurant to inquire how this came to be. After an exchange with the people at the restaurant, they make her a new one and definitely overcorrect—the resulting replacement sandwich (which she calls an “upgrade) is comically huge.

@emilydrewmcdonald Replying to @emilydrewmcdonald probably shouldn't mentioned to them that I was vegan 😂 10/10 for effort though #pizzeria #veganinitaly #napoli #naplesitaly #naples #5starmichelin #smol #foodinitaly #panino ♬ original sound – emilydrewmcdonald

In a new video published Tuesday, the creator arrives in Germany and is “haunted” by a shop called PizzaPanini she can see from her hotel window.

The videos attracted comments from people who were mostly laughing along with her.

“I expected so many things but not a carrot and cheese macaron,” cracked one, leading McDonald to respond, “LMAO.”

Another joked, “It’s so funny cause I heard about people getting robbed in Naples but I didn’t think it was like this.”

“One bite, everybody knows the rules,” a third added.

Several viewers who saw her second video first hadn’t expected the sandwich to be so small and came to her defense in the comments.

One person remarked, “Expected it to be three times bigger than that and still go to bat for you over it but that’s a SINGLE BAGEL BITE omfg.”

Aother said, “i was 100% against on principle and then you pulled out that mouse-sized sandwich.”

In the comments section of her follow-up video, viewers reacted to her taking the initiative and to the replacement sandwich, though people were also still marveling at the initial small sandwich.

“I love that you went back there,” one person noted.

“I was HUNGRY,” McDonald explained.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 16, 2023, 2:08 pm CDT