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‘I thought you were smarter than this’: Fast-food expert asks Olive Garden for Alfredo sauce breadsticks. Are they real?

'This is why I have trust issues.'


Sarah Conklin


Posted on Nov 28, 2023   Updated on Nov 28, 2023, 1:15 pm CST

Popular TikToker Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8), known for sharing fast-food secrets, is back with a hack irresistible to Olive Garden fans: Alfredo sauce stuffed breadsticks. But are they real? 

Howlett, who has 11.4 million followers on TikTok created yet another viral video, with over 2 million views, in his quest to find out. 

The video begins with a stitch of @cory_larrabee’s video. Cory urges viewers to try a special menu item from Olive Garden. “You guys have got to try the new Alfredo stuffed breadsticks,” he says. “I think they are here for a limited time.”

Viewers commented on Cory’s TikTok with claims the breadsticks are not actually available.

“As someone who works at Olive Garden that is not a thing,” one wrote. “There is no stuffed breadstick at Olive Garden I work there. This fool just gutted a breadstick and poured Alfredo sauce into the breadsticks himself,” another corroborated. 

The video cuts to Howlett saying, “This is why I have trust issues, OK.” Jordan says he ran to Olive Garden as soon as he heard about the iconic pairing. When asked by his parents where he was going, Howlett says he replied, “to my destiny.”

Howlett says when he got to Olive Garden, he was instantly identified by workers for his previous viral videos. “They already recognize me from the cheese grater incident,” Jordan deadpans, referring to his explosive stitch that confirmed Olive Garden’s cheese graters are available for purchase. He says in a follow-up Olive Garden contacted him and blamed him for selling the cheese graters out. 

When he asked about the Alfredo breadsticks, Jordan says he was told by an employee, “‘Jordan, we don’t have that. That is not real. Please don’t tell everybody that it is.’”

Jordan says he was about to leave when another worker said, “‘I thought you would be smarter than this.’” 

“All I wanted was some Alfredo stuffed breadsticks. I like their Alfredo sauce,” Jordan says.  

The Olive Garden staffer shared the sauce recipe is one secret that Jordan—who has previously claimed to reveal Olive Garden’s tomato sauce recipe and breadstick source—would never know. 

With a conspiratorial look, the video cuts to Jordan reading from his ubiquitous white notebook, sharing the alleged recipe for Alfredo Sauce, which includes butter, garlic, milk, cream, and two types of parmesan. 

@jordan_the_stallion8 Stitch with @Cory Larrabee #fypシ ♬ original sound – Jordan_The_Stallion8

“Bro had beef with Olive Garden and won” user @rafaaa1717 joked.

Jordan might not have gotten his dream breadsticks from Olive Garden, but he set viewers up to create their own at home. 

“But now I HAVE to make Alfredo stuffed breadsticks tomorrow this has to happen!” @nessmorgan83 exclaimed. 

“Say less. I’m making some Alfredo stuffed breadsticks,” TikToker @savannahthomas196 said. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Olive Garden via email and to Jordan Howlett via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2023, 4:00 pm CST