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McDonald’s has a secret menu ‘McBrunch Burger’—here’s how you can get one

The McBrunch Burger is a testament to culinary innovation's joy.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Sep 17, 2023

McDonald’s, the global fast-food giant, has a unicorn in its so-called secret menu—the mythical McBrunch Burger.

What makes this burger so special? It aims to take the best of a McDonald’s breakfast and the best of a McDonald’s lunch and make them one.

As popular TikToker Jordan the Stallion tells it, “Yes, they are probably annoyed if you order it, but it is a real thing.”

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What is the McBrunch Burger?

When McDonald’s introduced the All-Day Breakfast—suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic and not yet brought back—they inadvertently gave birth to the McBrunch Burger.

Imagine combining the best of breakfast and lunch into one delicious sandwich. The McBrunch Burger does just that, blending elements like the round egg, a breakfast favorite, and the crunchy hash browns that, for some, even outshine McDonald’s iconic fries. 

Central to the McBrunch Burger is the Jalapeno Double, topped with white cheddar cheese and the fiery punch of crispy and sliced jalapenos. While one might be tempted to swap it out for the regular Double Cheeseburger, or even the Bacon McDouble, to save some cash, aficionados would advise against it. The spicy kick from the jalapenos harmonizes with the egg and hash browns in a manner that other variations can’t replicate.

The Daily Dot, writing about it in March 2023, described it as “the bane of fast food workers’ existence,” noting that a TikTok video from @tommywinkler (aka The Food Guy) reactivated interest.

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One commenter quoted in the story remarked, “We literally can’t serve both at the same time,” noted a second. “Our systems won’t let us serve lunch until 10:30 and we can’t serve breakfast after 10:30. And we don’t have lunch items ready until breakfast is done.”

But here’s the twist: While some patrons swear by the McBrunch Burger’s existence, it isn’t officially on the menu. As such, it’s referred to by some as the Mc10:35 or 10:35 Burger, denoting the short window between breakfast and lunch service (typically 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.) when it can be ordered. There is a bit of nuance and timing, as a former McDonald’s corporate chef, Chef Mike Haracz, intimates in this video.

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In an interview with the Daily Dot, Haracz noted, “It’s not an actual real menu item. You would have to go to McD’s at breakfast/lunch changeover time. You just have to be lucky that the restaurant you visit happens to have all the ingredients ready, and the crew or management would be willing to make it for you. You might have to just order the components and build it yourself.”

So, how friendly you get with the staff at your local McDonald’s might be your key to trying a McBrunch Burger.

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For the lucky Aussies, a variant of this burger, named the Big Brekkie Burger, featuring bacon, hash browns, egg, and barbecue sauce, already graces the McDonald’s menu.

One may wonder if this is internet lore. However, a dive into TikTok or conversations with past McDonald’s employees will confirm its existence.

Many have successfully ordered the McBrunch Burger, though it’s best to avoid ordering it by name if you feel like the worker might turn down the request on principle. Order a Double Cheeseburger and specify additions like a round egg, hash brown, and bacon to enjoy this treat.

Do note that costs might vary. A burger of this stature is expected to pack a punch in flavor, and it doesn’t disappoint. It might seem unusual to have a hash brown in a burger, but the fusion feels undeniably right once tasted.

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The McBrunch Burger is a testament to culinary innovation’s joy. For those yearning to taste this hybrid delight, remember to be patient and kind when placing your order. After all, it’s an off-menu treat! And if you’re curious about what else might be lurking in the shadows of the McDonald’s secret menu, a little exploration might satiate your curiosity.

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*First Published: Sep 17, 2023, 9:00 am CDT