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‘The level of pettiness is so high’: Fast food expert exposes how to order Olive Garden breadsticks directly

‘Not me living so close … need to stop by before thanksgiving.’


Melody Heald


A popular content creator spilled the tea on different Olive Garden secrets, including how to buy its famous breadsticks directly from the supplier.

The video featured the King of Food Hacks, Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8), who kicked off the video by revealing how he had previously bought a cheese grater from Olive Garden. Once he posted the video, it blew up and became a viral sensation. Initially, he thought the trend would fade away. That was until Olive Garden contacted him. “We blame you. Because of you, we are now sold out of cheese graters across half of this city right now,” the person informed Jordan. “We have a hard time even having cheese graters for the restaurant.”

After giving a sarcastic remark, they told Jordan to “stop telling [their] secrets.”

“You know what? You’re right. I’m not gonna stand here and tell anybody else your secrets,” he responded. “That’s why I brought a chair.”

Then, the clip cuts to the content creator sitting on a chair. First, he revealed how the company purchases its breadsticks through the Turano Baking Company. Next, he exposed how they make their spaghetti sauce with grape jelly along with other ingredients.

“I do not know that they make it with two pounds of ground beef, two tablespoons of oil, 14-ounce can of stewed tomatoes, 6-ounce can of V8 Juice, one jar of spaghetti sauce, one packet of onion soup mix, one half-cup of grape jelly, chopped green peppers, and mushrooms,” he shared. “Your secret is safe with me.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Olive Garden via press email and Jordan via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video amassed 1.1 million views, and commenters enjoyed Jordan’s response to Olive Garden’s accusations.

“The level of pettiness is so high and I live for it,” one viewer wrote.

“Lmao he was like I accepted the challenge,” a second commented.

“Bro is the definition of malicious compliance,” a third remarked.

In addition, others appreciated Jordan unveiling these secrets.

“Looked up the company for the breadsticks and will be going to the store to pick them up. Thank you,” one viewer said.

“Ummm…. Thank you, I HELP YOU make a profit Olive Garden. Let me go to the store buy some GRAPE JELLY,” a second stated.

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