Woman says Ninja Creami caught on fire while using it


‘This is like a super common problem’: Woman says Ninja Creami caught on fire while using it

‘I’ve been de-influenced.’


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A TikToker has gone viral after sharing how her Ninja Cream purportedly caught fire. In the clip, which has been viewed 1.1 million times, Gianna Hernandez (@giannaahernandez) showed viewers how the mechanical blades on the ice cream maker had gone brown, taking on a burnt appearance.

“Totally random but by the way my Ninja Creami caught on fucking fire so like, be careful,” she said. “According to Reddit, when you look it up this is, like, a super common problem, you know, like the metal is completely fucking burnt and it was bright red.”

She then admitted she was still tempted by the frozen dessert. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t smell the ice cream because I was still going to eat it,” she said. “ But it smelled like burnt metal, so Idid not get to eat ice cream and I have to wait for a replacement.”

Hernandez didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message.

Has this happened before with Ninja Creami?

Numerous other TikTokers shared their own Ninja Creami horror stories in the comments.

“My Ninja Creami sounds like it’s about to explode every time I use it,” one shared. “Apparently it scrapes the side of the container when mixing and people have been finding strings of plastic from the container in the ice cream,” another added. “Same happened to mine and Ninja had the audacity to offer to send a replacement after proving I wasn’t lying AND paying shipping,” a third revealed. While a fourth echoed: ”MY NINJA BLENDER CAUGHT ON FIRE AND I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE.”

As Hernandez noted, several Reddit users have spoken out about their Ninja Creamis smoking and burning. One user complained how a Ninja Creami they’d had for less than two weeks started smoldering and was “seconds away from catching fire.” while another claimed that the customer service staff “spent 45 minutes in a chat trying to find SOME WAY not to cover the replacement.” 

Meanwhile, in another viral TikTok posted last year, a customer said their Ninja Creami started “barrelling smoke out.” As he gave viewers a good look at the singed machine, he added: “Be careful. I’ve used this thing half a dozen, a dozen times. This was pretty new.”

With all of these issues related to Ninja Creami, it’s no surprise that some customers are turning away from the product as a whole, and are looking for cheaper, and perhaps more effective alternatives. TikToker Juliana (@julesspena) for instance encouraged viewers to follow her lead and invest in the $20 Ninja Chop instead of the $200 Ninja Creami. 

@giannaahernandez ANYONE ELSE!?😭😭 #fyp #foryou #lifting #fitness #prep ♬ original sound – giannaahernandez

“To that one girl that posted to get a Ninja Chop instead of a Ninja Creami cause it’s basically the same thing,” she said. “Thank you. You just saved me so much money and you deserve everything in life.”

We’ve reached out to Ninja via email.

Update 1:02am CT, June 24: Ninja’s contact email, support@ninjakitchen.com, bounced. Its online tech support directed us to a hotline that was not open at press time and specifically for product support. We’ve reached out to Ninja via Instagram DM on two accounts, a recipe IG and the main company IG.

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