McDonald's fries containers filled with caption 'POV: You come to my job while i'm on fries..' (l) McDonald's kitchen interior with fry station (c) McDonald's fries containers filled with caption 'POV: You come to my job while i'm on fries..' (r)

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‘You only do this with rushes’: McDonald’s worker pre-fills fresh fries

‘Always fresh and filled.’


Alexandra Samuels


A McDonald’s worker recently shared how she helps her store prepare for an onslaught of customers: Stacking and packing various containers of fresh fries. 

In a short TikTok, Yesenia (@ihearttkwasi) claimed that she does this both when “[she’s] on fries” and there’s a rush of customers. As of Saturday morning, her video had over 2.5 million views. 

@ihearttkwasi always fresh and filled😘 #fries #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsfries #fyp #foryou #food #frylover #foryoupage ♬ Bigga Bzz Wild West – BiggaBzz🤠

Viewers can see at least one dozen containers of medium fries stacked next to each other. “POV: You come to my job while I’m on fries…,” she wrote via text overlay. 

In the caption, Yesenia doubled-down on her work ethnic while she’s “on fries”: “Always fresh and filled,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Yesenia via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear which McDonald’s location she worked at and/or how she prepares when there’s not a rush. Yesenia clarified in a comment, however, that, at least during rushes, she double-presses the fry machine “so the basket is filled” and puts two baskets of fries in the fryer at once. 

But McDonald’s fries have long been a topic of TikTok scrutiny. Last year, a worker there sparked a debate after sharing what happens after customers ask for fresh fries. More recently, another employee made waves after she debunked a theory that McDonald’s three fry sizes (small, medium, and large) contain about the same number of fries. 

Yesenia’s video, however, led most viewers to applaud her for her preparation skills. 

“Why don’t every worker do this?” asked one user. 

“Thank you for your quality of service,” said a second commenter. 

Fellow McDonald’s workers also chimed in—claiming that they take similar precautions. (Or at least try to.) 

“You only do this with rushes,” read one comment. “I was a manager, so if you doing that and we got no cars, you wasting product.”

“Tried dis one [and] got yelled at,” another user wrote. 

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