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‘Grown man crying over some nuggets’: Viewers divided over McDonald’s customer’s demand that the workers fix his order

'I have never once gotten pushback when they have messed up an order.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Sep 22, 2023   Updated on Sep 22, 2023, 8:28 am CDT

A user on TikTok has divided viewers after recording an argument that allegedly occurred over Chicken McNuggets.

In a video with over 112,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user @redneck1.03 shows himself confronting a McDonald’s employee. According to the TikToker, he had placed an order for two boxes of chicken McNuggets, one spicy and one not. When they arrived, they were both spicy.

“Unfortunately, my wife didn’t figure out that these were spicy until she bit into them,” the TikToker says. The employee tells the TikToker that they will not be replacing his order, upsetting him. The employee also asks the man to stop filming the encounter, which he does not do.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be reporting this to corporate!” the TikToker exclaims as an employee walks away. “You can’t even get the d*mn order right, and you won’t make it right! I can’t believe you!”

@redneck1.03 I dont think he can believe it #mcdonalds #mcdonald #makeitright #spicynuggets #mcnuggets @McDonald’s ♬ original sound – Red1.03

The TikToker continues to yell at the workers before eventually giving up and leaving the store.

“I only began recording after they initially denied me,” the TikToker told the Daily Dot over TikTok direct message. “It’s not something I would regularly do, which is why the interaction starts with me recapping what was going on. The manager wouldn’t even acknowledge me or the issue, they kept sending poor Deborah over to talk to me, even after I asked to talk to the manager.”

“I think we are entitled to get what we paid for, no more and no less,” he explained. “I paid for a spicy and regular nugget, and I think that’s what I should have got. I didn’t want any more or any less than that.”

The TikToker also posted a follow-up claiming that the store apologized and actually resolved the issue before he was able to leave.

@redneck1.03 Replying to @Chad Dole i love that people assume I was just an asshole and that they wouldnt just fix the simple issue. #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshacks #spicynuggets #makeitright #mcnuggets ♬ original sound – Red1.03

In the comments section, users fell on both the TikToker’s and the employees’ sides.

At first, some sided with @redneck1.03.

“As McDonald’s [manager]. I Always make it right. we get in BIG TROUBLE if we don’t,” a user wrote.

“I have never once gotten pushback when they have messed up an order. They just fix it an move on,” another added.

“We give the customers what they want. It’s not worth the fight,” shared a third. “I smile and ask how can we fix this?”

However, others countered that, though the TikToker may be correct that the McDonald’s should have fixed the order, his behavior in the store was uncalled for.

“What a cry baby for nuggets,” a commenter said.

“Nice video yelling at an elderly service worker. You look so cool, dude,” a second shared.

“I figured out in my 20s to not get upset or bother with anything that won’t be a big deal or affect me in one week,” detailed an additional TikToker. “$5 worth of nugs would be an exampl[e].”

Despite these detractors, the TikToker defended his actions. In a series of 10 responses to a single comment, he identified a person who commented in opposition to his actions as “triggered,” and further noted that he “did 8 years military” and “just bought my wife a 2023 new car cash paid off.” 

“I suspect those who don’t think I should have complained don’t spend their own money and live off of mommy and daddy,” he told the Daily Dot. “I’m pretty sure anyone who financially supports themselves would agree that you should get what you pay for.”

That said, the TikToker says he understands the debate.

“I certainly would have believed there was more to the story if I was seeing it myself and not the one who experienced it,” he noted. “I do think it shows we are as a society getting away from ‘the customer is always right’ mantra, which is probably a good thing, but I don’t feel like I was being overly entitled or a ‘Karen’ about wanting my wife’s nuggets to be changed for what we ordered.”

No matter if TikTokers liked it or not, he says that his complaints resulted in success. After raising the issue with McDonald’s, the TikToker says he “got a call from the local franchise regional manager.”

“[I] told him what happened, and they mailed me out some vouchers,” the TikToker stated.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email.

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*First Published: Sep 22, 2023, 8:14 am CDT