McDonald's employee and customer with caption 'he arguing over a 4 piece nugget he ain't order' 'I think he trynna scare me' (l) McDonald's 4 piece nuggets in front of blurry background (c) McDonald's employee speaking to customer (r)

Ratana21/Shutterstock @ash.gzzzz_slut/TikTok (Licensed) by Caterina Cox

‘It is never that serious’: Customer argues with McDonald’s worker over 4-piece chicken nuggets

‘I think he trynna scare me.’


Sarah Kester


You shouldn’t cry over spilled milk—or Chicken McNuggets. But that’s what one customer did in a viral video that’s making the rounds on TikTok. 

“He arguing over a 4 piece nugget he ain’t order,” the text overlay read in the video posted by the McDonald’s worker, Ash (@ash.gzzzz_slut). By Wednesday, the video had over 673,000 views.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ash via TikTok comment. 

@ash.gzzzz_slut At a certain point its fk customer service, ppl be so rude *Tik tok this for education purpose of how employee get mistreated* #fyp #mcdonaldssucks #lgbt #nyclife #badcustomerservice ♬ original sound – Ash.gzzzz

“I think he trynna scare me,” another overlay read while the clip showed the McDonald’s worker filming the man at the counter. “He said his name is Big Bloody,” the worker said, which caused the customer to confirm the nickname before saying, “Get the fuck out of here.” 

As another worker in the background argued with the customer, the one who was recording pointed out that it was 4:39am. “You not tired?” she even asked the man. 

Even if she wasn’t too tired to make him the nuggets, Mcdonald’s doesn’t serve lunch items until 10:30am Monday through Friday

The arguing in the video continued, with the man telling the worker, “You sound dumb as fuck.” This prompted the worker to laugh and retort back, “You sound dumb as fuck. You arguing with yourself, ain’t nobody arguing with you.” 

The man paused in response to this and then leaned forward and said, “’Cause they talking to me.” This was in reference to the other McDonald’s worker in the background. “So how about you shut the fuck up,” the man added before he let out a fake laugh. 

As the caption explained, the video was posted to bring awareness to how customer service employees get treated by rude customers. “At a certain point its fk customer service, ppl be so rude *Tik tok this for education purpose of how employee get mistreated,*” it read. 

In the comments, people were astonished that the man was so pressed over chicken nuggets. “A 4 piece ?!?” one wrote, their comment gaining over 7,000 likes. 

“People be doing the most over McDonald,” another added with crying face emojis. “I be like it is never that serious.” 

Others were more concerned over how the situation could’ve escalated: “Nah these ppl don’t care these days though be careful!” a woman shared. 

“Please don’t argue with ppl you never know!!!” someone else commented. 

The fact that the video was taken during an overnight shift highlighted another concern. “Wait I’m confused y’all lobby open at 4AM?? That don’t sound safe,” another added. 

Since the customer had a hole in his shoe and dropped his McDonald’s bag in the video, some were convinced that he was drunk or homeless. “Girl leave him alone you don’t see the hole in his left shoe,” a user commented. 

“Nah He definitely drunk though and he dropped the bag. Literally,” added another. 

Finally, some took the opportunity to share their own customer service horror stories. “Some people don’t understand how bad people treat us when I was at chik fil a a lady told me she was gonna come back and beat me up,” this user shared. 

“This happened to me last night I work at white white mf mad over a chicken ring smh,” another wrote. 

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