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‘I’m not going back’: McDonald’s customer says she was bamboozled with 99-cent burger

‘4 years and counting since my last visit there.’


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In the past few years, fast food prices have risen dramatically. As noted by CNBC, fast-food chains “are included in the limited-service meals and snacks category in the consumer price index report, which shows prices are up nearly 28% from 2019 to 2023.” 

Customers are taking notice, calling out these fast-food chains for their increasing prices and dwindling portions. For example, one internet user spoke on the high price of food at Jack in the Box; another alleged that Taco Bell is becoming more expensive than Chipotle. A further user noted the size decrease—and price increase—of a Big Mac from McDonald’s.

Now, another internet user is taking McDonald’s to task after discovering a $0.99 burger deal was anything but.

$2 for a slice of cheese

In a clip with over 461,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Amanda (@amandajo000) says, “McDonald’s has to be clear out of their mind.”

According to Amanda, she was driving when she noticed that a McDonald’s location was having a promotion for a $0.99 burger. As she was looking for a coffee anyway, she says she decided to stop by.

“So as I’m in the drive-thru, I look at the price of a cheeseburger. Mind you, a cheeseburger is a hamburger with a slice of processed American cheese on it,” she says. “It was $3.39.”

“They’re trying to charge over $2 for a piece of processed American cheese,” she summarizes.

Amanda opted not to get the burger, instead simply purchasing a coffee.

As a result of this interaction, Amanda says she likely will not be returning to the popular chain.

“I probably won’t be going back there anymore just because it’s so blatantly ridiculous,” she concludes. “Their pricing is just out of control these days.”

In the caption, she adds, “Before you blame it on labor costs—McD’s posted 37% increase of NET income from 2022 to 2023.” This is true, per Food Business News.

@amandajo000 Before you blame it on labor costs—McD’s posted 37% increase of NET income from 2022 to 2023. #corporategreed #capitalism #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Amanda

Customers agree that prices are too high

In the comments section, users voiced their agreement with Amanda’s assessment of the prices at McDonald’s.

“I just ordered a double cheeseburger.. $3.99,” a user said. “It used to be on the dang dollar menu.”

“Yep. I went this morning for two egg McMuffins and a large Diet Coke. Paid $11,” offered another.

“4 years and counting since my last visit there,” declared an additional TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Amanda via TikTok direct message and McDonald’s via email.

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