Taco Bell customer spends $32 for 6 crunchy tacos and 6 soft tacos

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‘The next Chipotle’: Taco Bell customer spends $32 for 6 crunchy tacos and 6 soft tacos

‘Wow last time I had it was 79 cents.’


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Fast food, once synonymous with budget-friendly dining, feels like it’s more expensive than ever. In fact, a recent study highlighted a surprising trend: Fast-food prices are outpacing inflation.

This shift has left consumers grappling with the reality that their fast-food favorites are no longer the affordable options they once were. 

Among them is Annie (@itsanniebelle), who recently went viral on TikTok after expressing her shock over the rising prices at Taco Bell. Her video, posted on May 16, shows her recounting a recent purchase of a dozen Tacos that left her wallet considerably lighter.

“Taco Bell? Taco Bell, we need to talk,” Annie begins, “It’s been a while since I ordered Taco Bell, but I was celebrating today. So I went and ordered six crunchy tacos, six soft tacos.”

“I remember back in the day when these were maybe 79 cents apiece. Guess what I paid for 12 tacos? Just guess. $32 and 28 cents … at Taco Bell! You’re Taco Bell!” Annie says, visibly astonished.

Her video has since gone viral, accumulating over 15,100 views, with many viewers going to the comments section to reminisce about old fast-food prices.

One commenter said, “I still remember when every item on Taco Bell was under $1.”

“Wow last time I had it was 79 cents,” a second wrote.

“That Taco Party pack was originally sold for 5.99. So sad,” a third remarked.

“I remember 29 cent tacos. and [they] actually put meat in it!” one more added.

Other commenters claimed that the total for the order would’ve been cheaper if it had been ordered through the Taco Bell app.

@itsanniebelle Ohhh no Taco Bell, please dont become the next Chipotle 😭 #tacobell #portionsizes #shrinkflation #foodreview #chipotle ♬ original sound – ItsAnnieBelle 🩷

The price hike at Taco Bell is not an isolated incident

Across the industry, prices have surged, with some chains increasing their menu costs by as much as 100% over the past decade, despite the overall inflation rate in the same period being 31%.

This trend has not gone unnoticed on TikTok, with many instances of users filming videos railing against increased prices at various fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and KFC.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Annie via her email and to Taco Bell via press email for comment.

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