Jack In the Box customer warns Ultimate Cheeseburger costs getting out of hand

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‘$6-$7 for a bag of Doritos out here’: Jack In the Box customer warns Ultimate Cheeseburger costs getting out of hand

‘I mean seriously.’


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A Jack In the Box customer believes the cost of the fast food chain’s food is getting out of hand. In a viral video stitch video with over 154,700 views, user Builder Bob (@whitetrashbob17) discussed sacrifices he made while shopping due to the current economic climate.

“What have you stopped buying because it got so expensive?” user @A.J. asked before the clip cut away to Builder Bob.

“Oh this one is too easy,” Bob responded.

He then pointed to a Jack In the Box menu and discussed its prices.

“Fast food is more expensive than sit down restaurants now?” the clip’s caption read.

The TikToker made his case by rattling off the price of the restaurant’s “value meals.”

“I mean, seriously, these are supposed to be value meals?” he asked his viewers. And even by today’s standards, it was a surprise.

How much is an Ultimate Cheeseburger at Jack In the Box?

According to the menu in his video, the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger cost $14.29 and a Bacon Double Smashed Jack cost $16.49. It’s unclear where he’s based out of. And Jack In the Box prices do vary based on state and location. According to its website, a location in Houston sells the same value meals for roughly 2-3 dollars cheaper.

In the comments section, many expressed outrage over the increased cost of food.

“$6-$7 for a bag of Doritos out here,” user Rickyleefx wrote “I may never taste one outside of an event or party again.”

“18 pack coke going for 14.99 at Walmart,” another user added.

Others noted that the price of fast food has begun to rival the cost of eating out at a restaurant.

“That’s why I eat at restaurants now,” user Jubz Yahzy commented. “Fast food cost more then restaurants.”

Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture supports the notion that food prices have been steadily increasing. In 2023, food prices increased by 5.8%. This year, they are expected to continue to rise, though at a slower pace. It is expected that food prices will increase by 2.2%.

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Still, eating at home remains less expensive than eating out. The cost of eating food made away from home is predicted to increase by 4.2%, while food from home will increase by 1.2%.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jack In the Box via contact form and Builder Bob by TikTok comment for more information.

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