manager let go for not saying that her employee took another job interview


‘I had a working interview elsewhere the day before’: Viewers defend manager let go for not saying that her employee took another job interview

‘There was no convincing her to stay while keeping the main problem on payroll.’


Jack Alban


A manager claims she was fired because her employee went to a job interview — and ended up getting what turned out to be a much better job with another company.

Andi (@andiballin on TikTok), a single mom who until recently worked as a manager at an unnamed agency, created a video explaining her situation, getting nearly 11,000 views since its May 12 debut.

Andi starts her video, the only one on her TikTok account so far, “Tell me one of the craziest reasons you’ve ever been fired from a job.”

Then, she says, “I’ll go first: I just got let go from my position because I did not tell my bosses that my employee had interviewed at a different agency.”

As Andi relayed, a worker at her agency felt comfortable enough to tell Andi that she landed a job interview with another company.

The employee asked Andi not to disclose to anyone that she was attending the job interviews on a Thursday until she knew she had secured one of the jobs, and sure enough, she did, getting the call on the following Monday letting her know.

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“My bosses believed that if they would have known on Friday that she was possibly leaving the agency, that they could have convinced her to stay,” Andi revealed. “Here’s where it gets a little funny. My employee was quitting because of my boss. My employee not only told me but she also told my boss and she told the CEO of our agency that the only way she would stay is … if my boss were gone. My employee is getting significantly more money per year with better benefits. There was no convincing her to stay while keeping the main problem on payroll.”

“But instead of targeting the main problem,” Andi concludes, “they came after me.”

Other TikTokers shared their own stories of the “craziest reasons” they were fired from a job, like one woman who said that she was let go due to procreational envy: “I was fired because the boss was mad I had a baby and he couldn’t. I had a working interview elsewhere the day before.”

That commenter added, “Love my new job way more.”

Someone else said: “I wore gray no show socks instead of black.”

Another remarked, “Because I got carpel tunnel had surgery and they thought I’d be able to work a full 8 hour schedule as processor 2 days after surgery on BOTH hands.”

There was one user on the platform who seemed to know the exact agency that Andi was referring to in her post, and they didn’t appear to have too high of an opinion of it: “I used to work at that place. So grateful I was fired from there also. To be honest, the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Another person shared that an employer let them go because they wanted to use paid-time-off hours, so they elected to instead quit the job and ended up only receiving a fraction of their PTO payout days.

“Wanted to use some pto (over 200 hours),” the person said. “They refused. I was fired. Got paid out for 40 of them.”

Someone else alleged that their employer fired them for an especially petty reason — “because my husband was going to a college they didn’t like but I never told them but they somehow found out and let me go.”

For someone else? Sheer competence is what ultimately caused them to lose their job, paired with an inability to feign enthusiasm: “I ‘seemed bored’ after getting everything done too quickly.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Andi via TikTok comment.

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