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‘Can’t Let the Gang Know I FW This,’ ‘Bop,’‘Hagmaxxer,’ and more: 5 new slang words from TikTok, explained

‘Wait am I a bop.’


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Language is like a living, breathing entity, constantly evolving with the societies it serves. This year alone, added an impressive 1,700 new phrases, including “mid,” “bussin’,” “the ick,” “girl dinner,” and more, as reported by Time magazine

While it might be a cliché for older generations to roll their eyes at the latest slang, the digital age has gifted us the ability to instantly decode these terms.

Below, we explore five of the most viral new phrases sweeping across TikTok and the internet at large. 

The new meaning of ‘Bop

woman doing nails (l) woman doing nails (c) woman doing nails (r)

The word “Bop” has gained a new meaning thanks to Gen Z. 

While “Bop” has gained popularity over the last decade as a term for describing a song that is particularly dancy, catchy, and enjoyable, it has now taken on a more sinister meaning. 

TikTok creator Brian (@missingbrian) explained in a recent video, saying a “bop” now refers to “somebody who posts their body on the internet…or somebody who just be getting around with everybody, who be linking with every dude, who be around all the dudes.”

In other words, according to Brian, a “bop” is someone who enjoys dating, spending time with the opposite sex, and frequently posting pictures of themselves online—though that definition might seem a bit broad to some.

While Brian notes that the slang can be applied to both men and women, it is most often used to describe girls in misogynistic fashion.

‘Fax, No Printer’ meaning

fax no printer: Fax with abstract background with text that reads 'all fax, no printer'
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If you come across the phrase “fax, no printer,” and you think of the transmission of text or images using the public phone network and the Internet–think again. 

“Fax” in this context is a slang spelling for the word “facts,” which is how the word can sometimes sound when spoken. 

The phrase “fax, no printer” essentially means “facts, no lies” or “truth, no exaggeration.” It’s used to emphasize that what is being said is absolutely true and without embellishment. 

“Fax, no printer” gained popularity in 2021 after a TikTok creator mentioned it in a video, although it was previously featured in Omarion’s 2014 track “Post to Be,” which includes Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko.

‘Can’t Let the Gang Know’ meaning

Three Monkeys behind text that says 'cant let gang know i fw this'
Patrick Rolands

Have you ever indulged in a guilty pleasure you’d rather keep secret? If so, you’ll instantly relate to this slang.

While the meme initially covered a wide range of guilty pleasures people might hesitate to share with friends, it has recently shifted to focus mainly on music choices that one might prefer to keep secret.

Viral examples of such guilty pleasures include this anime theme song, the Curious George theme song, and more. 

If you come across comments like “gotta let the gang know I fw this,” you’ve stumbled upon the phrase’s positive counterpart.

In this context, it means the user has found something they absolutely want to share with their circle of friends, confident that they will love it too.

‘Hagmaxxer’ meaning

hagmaxxer: Silohuetted couple going in for a kiss where woman says 37 and man says 20
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The term “hagmaxxer” is a new and, let’s say, colorful addition to online slang. If you’ve come across this term and felt perplexed, here’s a simple breakdown

“Hagmaxxer” describes age-gap relationships–specifically, a younger man who abandons women his own age and instead pursues relationships with older millennial women who might be financially stable. 

The word is a blend of “hag,” a derogatory term used to describe older women, and “maxxer,” derived from “maxing out,” which means reaching the greatest level of something. 

The response online seems to be mostly critical of the phrase, with a Reddit user calling it “a weird dehumanizing way of viewing women.” Despite its growing use, it’s wise to approach this term with care. 

‘It’s my HG’ meaning

What does HG mean on TikTok?
Adobe FireFly

If you’ve ever stared at your phone in confusion when someone says, “It’s my HG,” don’t worry—it’s quite simple

“HG” is an acronym, and it’s most commonly used in the makeup and skincare community to recommend a product they consider essential or exceptionally good.

While “HG” can also mean “hot girl,” “highly gifted,” or “home girl,” its primary meaning in the makeup world, according to Urban Dictionary, is “Holy Grail.”

Urban Dictionary explains, “HG can be used as a term in the makeup world, and stands for ‘Holy Grail.’ It basically means that the product being discussed is someone’s absolute favorite, something they swear by, and a perfect find.”

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