Three Monkeys behind text that says 'cant let gang know i fw this'

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For life’s guilty pleasures, use the ‘can’t let gang know I FW this’ meme

For all life’s little guilty pleasures.


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The beautiful thing about opinions is that everyone you know has a different one. For every one of life’s little pleasures, there’s someone out there that you can bond with about it. The problem is, that person may not necessarily be in your social circle.

In fact, you can be surrounded by people who don’t know the first thing about what you truly enjoy, because they don’t share those interests and in turn, you don’t share that side of yourself. That universal experience has been captured in the “can’t let gang know I fw this” meme.

What is the Can’t Let Gang Know I FW This Meme?

Can’t let gang know I fw this memes celebrate all of life’s guilty pleasures. Though the meme started out generally describing the things you love that you might not rant to your friends about, these days most of the posts that participate in this trend explore music you might not want friends to know you’re listening to.

Examples include songs from the Curious George theme song to some ’80s hits.

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Can’t Let Gang Know I FW This Meme Origin

Can’t let gang know I fw this memes first started appearing on TikTok in the spring of 2024. User @taco_fr1 used the phrase to describe his fondness for Lemon Demon’s song “Fine.”

The phrase quickly got on, with people adapting it to their own musical (and other pop culture) inclinations.

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Gotta Let Gang Know I FW This

For those looking for the positive, there’s “gotta let gang know I fw this.” Like its predecessor, this phrase describes all the things you discover that you’re almost too excited to share with your friends. From silly songs to sleeper hits, this meme also covers some range.

@dragonkin4279 Go ahead and shke it for a crustacean🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥#anothercrabstreasure #game #song ♬ another crabs treasure by KOTO – KOTO.
@heluves.liz away from everything>>>> #trending #fyp #viral #nature ♬ Gods creation – daniel.mp3

♬ the promise – ☆

Can’t Let Gang Know I FW This Meme Examples

The majority of participants of this meme can be found on TikTok—here is just a taste:

@taco_fr1 #MFDOOM #neilcicierega #fyp #foryou #xybca #fypシ ♬ original sound – ☀️
@chadio cant let gang know i fw these or else im cooked 😭🙏🙏🙏 #tiktokrizzparty #brainrotedits #chadio #disneychannelnostalgia ♬ Carti Wave Beat – Staysee
@missihavedreams Oldies are always a vibeee #nostalgia #memories #fypシ゚viral #holdbacktheriver #childhood #spotify #music #gang ♬ Hold Back The River Sped Up – Air Lyrics
@ichigo.substitute They cant know 🤫#persona3 ♬ Burn My Dread -Last Battle Reload- – Lotus Juice / Azumi Takahashi / ATLUS Sound Team / ATLUS GAME MUSIC

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