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Now that it has a new meaning, what does ‘Bop’ mean on TikTok?

Gen-Z has changed what ‘Bop’ means—here’s what that means for you.


Mike Hadge


Gen Z are the language masters of our day, dictating the meaning and nuance of previously understood terms at a rate that makes millennials’ heads spin and their false teeth to fly out and shatter all over their walkers. Once again, this has occurred. The victim this time? The word “bop.” 

What does ‘Bop’ mean?

“Bop” has gained prominence over the past decade or so as short-hand for song that a) makes one want to shake their body right or b) possesses the quality of “good.” Some examples of bops: Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer,” Kabin Crew’s “Found My Spark,” and of course, the Liberty Mutual jingle.

NO MORE. Like “season,” “crane,” and “stroke” before it, “bop” now has more than one meaning. 

Allow @missingbrian to explain: 

@missingbrian Hope yall got a understanding now#fyp #fypシ #viral #xyzbca #trending ♬ original sound – missingbrian

Proper Usage 

A “bop” (mk II), according to Brian, is “somebody who posts their body on the internet…or somebody who just be getting around with everybody, who be linking with every dude, who be around all the dudes.” So, in other words, serial daters. 

Brian continues that “bop” is also an appropriate term “if a girl post her body for views.”

But don’t worry fellas, you’re not getting left out. Brian specifies, “If you’re a man and mess with mega females, you’re a bop.” Whew, what a relief. 

@ron.drake Wrong answers only of course #trending #bop #whatsabop #viral #blowthisup #fyp #fypシ #tiktok #foryou #music ♬ Bop Anthem – prodbyosaka

Fallout and Backlash

Like with any major new development throughout the history of civilization, the rise of “bop” has sparked wide-ranging debate and conversation, often accompanied by the tune “Mr. Knickerbocker” from “Barney & Friends.”

For one thing, keen observers have noted that the term, while seemingly inclusive, leans toward the misogynistic side of things. 



♬ original sound – Sofia Elizabeth

Other users are just exhausted by TikTok’s constant vocabulary morphing. 


Why is there ANOTHER new word on tiktok 🤦🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound – Malaika Pearl

“Stop making up words,” says Malaika Pearl, who’s also not thrilled by the judgment inherent in the new term. 

Regardless, many on TikTok have fully embraced the term, whether ironically or otherwise. 

@munekitatv Recent term ive been hearing a lot #gazelle #gazellekevbreakup #influencer #panchodoesit #hispanic #latino #foryou #funny #sarahc #avacodothottie #podcast ♬ original sound – La Chismosita 🎀

Yeah, live your best lives, everyone. Besides, who knows when the next Gen-Z slang will come along to ruin everything? (*Dances to Liberty Mutual jingle.*)

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