KFC customer pulls up to drive-thru. Worker doesn’t know her mic is still on

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‘I hope you ordered the slaw’: KFC customer pulls up to drive-thru. Worker doesn’t know her mic is still on

‘Coming from someone who work for KFC. im 100% on her side.’


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Fast-food content is incredibly popular on the internet, with much of this fascination coming from what goes on behind the scenes. Internet users have gone viral after sharing their backstage fast-food secrets, ranging from why one shouldn’t order from the McCafe machine and Chick-fil-A’s changing chicken to why some Subway locations are locking up their meats.

Sometimes, these behind-the-scenes stories accidentally spill out to customers. One such case recently went viral after being shared by TikTok user and KFC customer Jordan Smith (@sordanjmith).

KFC slaw debacle

In a clip with over 1.6 million views, Smith shows himself waiting in the drive-thru line at a KFC. Unbeknownst to the person working the drive-thru, she has accidentally left her microphone on—leading to some funny out-of-context clips.

“Ah, they got me f*cked up. I ain’t going tonight. At 4, I’m motherf*cking gone,” the worker can be overheard saying. “I ain’t making no motherf*cking slaw. B*tch got me f*cked up. F*cked up! We made the damn coleslaw yesterday.”

Many Redditors on r/KFC have complained about the process of making coleslaw while working at the restaurant. In a thread on the topic, one user simply wrote, “Bruh f*ck making cole slaw.” Another echoed, “God I hate making cole slaw with a passion.”

TikTok commenters agreed.

“Making KFC coleslaw is THE WORST. I feel her,” wrote one user.

“Coming from someone who work for kfc. im 100% on her side that slaw too much to deal with,” added another.

“Nah but fr, I work at KFC and this is literally ANYONE’S reaction about being told to make coleslaw,” explained a third.

@sordanjmith 😭😭fuuuuuucked upppp #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funny #kfc ♬ original sound – Jordansmith

Commenters share their thoughts

Other commenters were quick to make jokes about the content of Smith’s video.

“I thought this was gonna be complete with you going ahead and ordering a ridiculous amount of slaw,” said a user.

“I would’ve started with ‘don’t worry I don’t want coleslaw,’” stated a second.

“I’ve done this before at kfc and yelled over the mic when they pulled up to leave me alone,” recalled a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to KFC via email and Smith via TikTok direct message.

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