iPhone user notices something unusual on her teeth when she takes a selfie

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‘I’m so so confused and kinda freaked out’: iPhone user notices something unusual on her teeth when she takes a selfie

‘Apple what is this?!?’


Vanessa St-Amand


This creator made a startling discovery when she noticed something odd about a selfie she took with her iPhone 15. Madelyn Freeman (@mstewfreeman) posted a video on her TikTok a week ago, which has left many viewers as confused as she was. The video has now amassed over 562,000 views at the time of this report.

“So, for my job, I work at a boutique, and we take pictures all day long of the new things we get in,” she began in the video.

“Tell me why, I’m going through the pictures [that we took] on the Apple iPhone 15[…]. I’m going through, and I’m like ‘What is this weird thing on my teeth?’”

Freeman zooms-in on the picture of herself to focus on her teeth, and it’s almost hard to describe. It appears to be something white and crescent-shaped on her teeth.

“What is that on my teeth? We did not do [any] edits or anything,” she said, as the video ended.

Commenters chime in

Freeman wasn’t the only person perplexed by the odd photo, and the commenters didn’t hesitate to offer their opinions.

“That’s French tips,” one commenter joked.

“The definition of ‘what are those,’” someone else said.

However, it wasn’t all jokes. Some commenters offered real theories on what might be behind the strange photo edit.

“It’s the 3 cameras [auto-deciding] which to use in the lighting. Sometimes they blend together while the auto is figuring it out,” a commenter posited. 

“When you go [into] your settings and then go on camera, I guarantee AI enhance is already turned on. I noticed mine was when the northern lights were going on and everybody was getting crazy and I wasn’t,” someone else suggested.

Some people even resorted to tagging Apple to relay their own dissatisfaction with the iPhone camera. 

“I have the 13 pro max and every picture I take of people that’s not a [close-up] makes them look like an oil painting. It pisses me off @apple,” a commenter wrote.

@mstewfreeman Im so so so confused and kinda freaked out🤣 #fup #viral #fup #apple #iphone15promax #iphone #apple #fup #viral #whatisgoingon #weird #iphonecamera #fup #viral #funny @apple ♬ original sound – Madelyn Freeman

Despite the suggestions and efforts, there appear to be no conclusive answers. So for now, it remains a mystery. 

Freeman did not immediately respond when the Daily Dot reached out for comment. The Daily Dot also reached out to Apple.

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