Mechanics break down the most common issues with Infiniti they see

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‘Water pump’: Mechanics break down the most common issues with Infiniti they see

"Crazy thing INFINITI's are very reliable."


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Posted on Mar 31, 2024   Updated on Mar 31, 2024, 8:00 pm CDT

In a revealing TikTok clip by @accurateautoinc, mechanics disclose the common issues INFINITI vehicle owners face, shedding light on the reality beneath this Nissan subsidiary’s luxury exterior. The list is extensive and insightful, from water pump failures driven by timing chains to the notorious transmission troubles that plague INFINITI and its parent brand, Nissan. The mechanics also highlight oil leaks and a variety of sensor and electrical issues, painting a picture of potential pitfalls for current and prospective INFINITI owners. 

Unfortunately, INFINITI, renowned for its blend of luxury and performance, is not immune to problems that can mar the driving experience. Reports and mechanics’ insights indicate several areas where INFINITI vehicles might fall short. For instance, the infamous overheating issue that can abruptly end a smooth ride, power steering leaks that dampen the joy of navigation, and a variety of electrical quirks that can leave drivers puzzled. Additionally, the smooth transition of gears can be compromised by transmission troubles, while braking efficiency may decline due to wear and tear on brake pads.

Moreover, as pointed out in online resources, the commonality of recalls for airbag issues alongside transmission problems underscores a pattern of technical snags that could lead to serious safety concerns. Data indicating a considerable number of recalls and complaints across several models supports these revelations, with the 2003 INFINITI FX35 and G35 topping the charts for their recall and complaint numbers, respectively.

Despite the brand’s strong reputation for reliability, as supported by J.D. Power ratings for models like the Q50 and QX80, INFINITI’s consistent issues with CVT problems, Takata airbag recalls, and crankshaft angle sensor failures indicate a need for potential buyers to approach with caution. Specific models like the 2014 Q50 and the 2017 QX60 have been flagged explicitly for steering and transmission issues, highlighting years and models that might be best avoided.

“Don’t ever buy INFINITI,” expressed one commenter in the video. “My Q50 red sport engine blew up at 70,000 miles a few months ago. Took excellent care of the care. Infiniti is absolute garbage.”

On the flip side, another person wrote, “Crazy thing INFINITI’s are very reliable. I can say that I’ve owned 3 2, built one stock, and had regular maintenance. I think I will only change the water pump.”

“My cousin has a 2013 G37. It has 130,000 miles; he states no issues so far,” wrote a commenter. “My G35 [has] 189k miles—original transmission, original motor—drives like a dream still,” said one proud owner. [Fixing] the water pump is a fact,” claimed another person. “Coolant components, in general, are terrible on INFINITI and Mopar, lol.”

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These revelations from mechanics and online resources serve as a cautionary tale for those enchanted by INFINITI’s allure and underscore the importance of warranties and diligent maintenance. Extended warranties and regular check-ups can be instrumental in navigating the ownership of an INFINITI, ensuring that the luxury and performance promised by the brand do not come at the cost of reliability and peace of mind.

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*First Published: Mar 31, 2024, 4:56 pm CDT