Man at In-N-Out shows trick for keeping kids entertained at table. Everyone’s done this

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‘Core memory unlocked’: Man at In-N-Out shows trick for keeping kids entertained at table. Everyone’s done this

‘I still do this all the time.’


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Has browsing social media ever made you rediscover a childhood memory that instantly brings you back to simpler times? If so, you’re not alone. 

A recent TikTok video involving a fast food straw wrapper trick has reignited fond childhood memories for many viewers and has since gone viral.

In the video, posted by TikTok user @lolwutalan on Tuesday, he shares a trick he says he learned from his dad and now uses to keep his kids entertained while waiting for food. “Here’s a trick that my dad taught me when I was younger when I was sitting at a table. … So you take a straw, … you open the straw carefully. Some straws are better than other straws,” he begins, demonstrating each step.

What’s the straw wrapper trick?

He pushes the straw through one side of the wrapper, causing the wrapper to compress on the other side. “But you kind of want to just get it all crinkled up,” he explains. Next, he uses the straw to take a few drops of water from a cup, letting them drip onto the wrapper, which instantly reacts by moving and expanding. “And then you drip it and watch the magic happen. It’s a little worm,” he comments as the wrapper comes to life.

Since its upload, the video has accumulated over 422,600 views. In the comments section, many commenters took a trip down memory lane.

“My dad taught me this too,” one commenter wrote.

“Old trick we did that in the early 70s,” a second added.

A third remarked, “Core memory unlocked.”

“42 yrs old and I still do this all the time,” one more shared.

The trick, commonly referred to as the “Wrapper Worm,” was also featured in a short video on the science YouTube channel “Sick Science!” which has over 200,000 views.

@lolwutalan Waiting for your dinner means you’ve gotta keep the kids entertained. #dadtok #dinnertime #innout #burgers #straw #partytrick #worm ♬ original sound – alan

A similar trick involving napkins went viral on TikTok back in January, receiving over 3 million views. In that version, dubbed “the paper worm,” a TikToker decorated napkins with markers before wrapping them around a chopstick. After scrunching up the napkins, they used a dropper to add water, creating the same wiggling effect.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @lolwutalan via TikTok comment.

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