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‘Most restaurants won’t tell you this’: Waiter shares how to make more money as a server

‘There might be an option in your computer, go check.’


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Working as a server can be a demanding job, and it’s not always easy to make ends meet on their wages. However, with a few insider tips and tricks, servers can maximize their earning potential and bring home more money at the end of each shift. One such tip, recently shared in a viral video, has shed light on a little-known hack that could make a big difference in your paycheck.

The video, which was posted on March 14 and has gained over 1.2 million views, features TikToker Austin Sears (@austinsears12) revealing the trick he recently learned after six years of working as a server.

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“at the end of my shift, whenever you go to do side work, instead of being clocked in as a server, I can clock in for side work, which is the state minimum wage, which is $12 an hour, instead of $3.83 as a server,”  he says in the video. These hourly rates are off (more on that later), but the under-pinning point remains the same.

He also notes that not all restaurants allow this and that it’s important to check if this option is available on the computer. “Most restaurants won’t tell you this, not all restaurants do this, but there might be an option in your computer, go check,” Austin remarks.

The video sparked a debate in the comments, with some viewers confirming that the hack is indeed legal and that servers are entitled to earn the state minimum wage when performing non-tipping tasks.

“It’s literally the law. You don’t have to do anything, if they aren’t paying you minimum wage while doing non-server tasks, that’s a labor violation,” one commenter wrote.

One commenter suggested the TikToker should be taking legal action because the restaurant didn’t inform him, writing, “If restaurants don’t tell you about this, you can sue them and make your money back. Don’t let them take advantage of you, bro.”

Another commenter’s confusion about the minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida led Austin to post a follow-up TikTok video clarifying his previous advice. The commenter wrote, “What how is it $3.83 in Florida, it’s like $6/hr. It used to be $3 when I was 16. I’m 35 now.” In response, Austin acknowledged he made a mistake and clarified that the minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida is indeed half of the state’s minimum wage, which is currently $12.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Austin Sears for comment via his email.

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