KFC customer buys half gallon of Dr. Pepper for only $3

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‘It’s basically a 2L’: KFC customer buys half-gallon of Dr. Pepper. He can’t believe how much it cost

‘I can confirm that this applies to their gravy.’


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Over the past few years, diners have reported that restaurant meal sizes are smaller than ever. 

According to data from and analyzed by Yelp, the word “shrinkflation” became more common in reviews in early 2022. Yelp also claims that the term was most commonly used in reviews of “affordable” establishments.

This trend has been observed on the internet as well. For example, one user recently sparked a discussion after claiming that the size of the patty on a Big Mac has been reduced. Another showed just how small their Frosty order from Wendy’s was, and another simply documented the paltry amount of food he received from Panera Bread for $40.

However, as one TikTok user recently learned, there’s one area where fast food chains aren’t skimping out: Drinks.

Where to buy a half-gallon soda

In a video with over 836,000 views as of Sunday, TikTok user Leighton Ivy Luckey (@ivy_celeste__) films her husband Shane making a tasty discovery at KFC.

“Do you know for $3 at the Colonel’s Chicken, you can get a half gallon of any liquid they sell?” he says, referencing a bag of soda on the table.

While Shane says that he initially believed it to be a joke, he ended up ordering a half-gallon soda.

“Now I have a half gallon of Dr. Pepper I don’t know what to do with,” he laughs.

The history of the KFC soda bucket

KFC has been selling these plastic “soda buckets” since at least 2021, per Newsweek, though some have reported being able to buy the buckets even earlier. It is not clear if these buckets are available at every KFC location.

This item has gone viral several times in the past. For example, one internet user claimed to buy a half-gallon bucket of Baja Blast from a combination KFC/Taco Bell.

For context, a half gallon of Dr. Pepper has around 1,600 calories, while a half gallon of Mountain Dew Baja Blast has an incredible 1,800 calories.

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Commenters share their thoughts

While many commenters enjoyed the idea of a half gallon of soda, others thought of a better use for the plastic receptacle.

“When u said any liquid they sell I was 100% expecting you to say a half gallon of gravy,” a user wrote.

“Half gallon of gravy is where it’s at,” added another.

Still, some were simply amazed by the soda’s size.

“It’s basically a 2L lol,” observed a commenter (a half gallon equals around 1.9 liters).

“Thank you for this I’m gonna buy a half gallon of Dr pepper,” stated a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to KFC via email and Luckey via Instagram direct message.

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