KFC Drive-thru customer buys half gallon of Baja Blast

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‘Taco Bell. KFC. Y’all are crazy. For $5?’: Drive-thru customer buys bladder full of Baja Blast



Kahron Spearman


A trending TikTok video shows the creator ordering an actual bladder of Baja Blast at his local combination Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

@prozak.papi @tacobell @KFC yall are crazy. For $5?? Amazing. God bless yall #fyp #bajablast #kfc #halfgallon #fuckyeah ♬ original sound – Matt Carucci

The 12-second clip from Matt Carucci (prozak.papi) has 1.2M views and a caption reading, “@tacobell @KFC yall are crazy. For $5?? Amazing. God bless yall.” The overlay states: “KFC got a bladder!?” 

Naturally, Carucci wonders if the deal applies to his favorite beverage. “This is 1/2 Taco Bell; I wonder if I can get a Baja Blast?” he continues. The restaurant is one of the many KFC/Taco Bell co-habitations, which exist because both brands are owned by the same parent group, Yum! Brands.

It turns out the answer is yes. Carucci offers visual confirmation of a literal bladder of Baja Blast. This news will be a boon for people who can’t get enough Baja Blast. One commenter wrote, “yall, I just went and got one of these, and it was $4! WITH FREE REFILLS! worth it.”

One man expressed his apparent excitement: “bruuuuuuuh. im going to my kfc to see if they got it here.”

“THE CARBONATION THO ?!?!,” asked one user, regarding how the bladder maintains proper carbonation levels. Another replied, “I figure it’d be like using a 2 liter lol.”

Some people had jokes, which Carucci appreciated. One commenter wrote, “Gotta love the biracial restaurants.” Another chimed in: “Baja blast was the correct choice there Matt.” He replied, “Thank you for having a sophisticated [palate].”

Surprisingly, at least one person did realize these combination restaurants existed: “Is no one going to comment on it being half a Taco Bell???? That’s a thing???” Carucci replied, “Huge thing! Huge to be KFC/TacoBell/PizzaHut combos everywhere.”

Another commenter considered the whole Baja Blast deal in another, cost-focused way. “I just want everyone to understand this a gallon is 4 liters,” she wrote. “So 1/2 gallon is 2 liters. You just paid $5 for a 2 liter bottle.” To be more specific, 1/2 gallon is 1.893 liters. A two-liter of Mountain Dew at Walmart is roughly two dollars, but you take away from the novelty and increased convenience. 

We contacted Carucci via TikTok comment and KFC for further comment.

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