Woman shares hack to using Facebook Marketplace as a 'moving service'

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‘You will get paid to have this sh*t gone’: Woman shares hack to using Facebook Marketplace as a ‘moving service’

‘Nobody wants to pay $150 for your used IKEA bookcase.’


Stacy Fernandez


If you’re moving and need to clear out a lot of belongings, Facebook Marketplace might be able to help you.

The video showing how was posted by TikTok creator Kara (@whimsyhomes), who appears to have bought a cabin in the mountains of Arnold, Calif., and is now renovating it, or as she calls it, “unboomerizing” it “one DIY at a time.”

According to the Calaveras County website, the Arnold area is a snowy outdoor sports haven most known for being home to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, which features giant sequoia trees.

In the video, which has nearly 140,000 views and more than 250 comments since going up on June 17, Kara starts off by saying that people are using Facebook Marketplace “wrong.”

“Start approaching Facebook Marketplace like a moving service, not a selling service,” Kara says.

@whimsyhomes work smarter b/c but nobody wants to pay $150 for your used IKEA bookcase 🫠 #facebookmarketplace #lifehack #movingtips ♬ original sound – Kara / Whimsy Homes

She adds that Marketplace is not where people should go to get rich selling their used items. Rather, it should be used to “have someone else pay you to move your crap.”

She explains that the previous owners of the cabin she owns left most of their furniture behind. She admits she’s slowly been selling it on Marketplace. If she wanted to get rid of the stuff herself, she’d need to rent a U-Haul or hire a junk removal service, which she pointed out can get pricey.

Donating furniture is also a good option, but many thrift stores, including her local one, don’t accept furniture anymore, and even if they did, she’d have to pay to transport it to the store.

After that, you’re down to two options: selling or dumping. And even taking it to the dump cost money.

“You might as well sell it on Facebook Marketplace. Mark it super cheap, so people will move it out for you. You will get paid to have this sh*t gone,” Kara says, concluding the video.

As she added in a caption, “Work smarter,” adding, “Nobody wants to pay $150 for your used IKEA bookcase.”

According to moving.com, a local move generally costs $1,250, and a long-distance one will run about $4,890.

Several commenters shared that they’ve noticed things getting pricey on Marketplace.

“I constantly see people price things like they’re trying to get their whole initial purchase price back,” one person said.

“People have been getting a little crazy with these prices in FB marketplace lately. Your 30 year old kitchen table is NOT worth 500 dollars people!” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kara for comment via Instagram DM and to Facebook via email.

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