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‘Cause I don’t want to bag it’: Grocery store worker shares how he ‘manipulates’ customers so that he doesn’t have to bag their items

'Do you need that bag in a bag?'


Amara Thomas


Posted on Nov 1, 2023

TikToker and grocery store worker Garret (@himbough) shared his tips and tricks for not having to bag customers’ items. 

He begins his viral video by stating, “I work at a grocery store, and here’s a few small things that I do to try to slightly manipulate customers into letting me not bag things ’cause I don’t want to bag it.” 

He reveals his first trick by acting out a scenario in which a customer he’s checking out has purchased apples that are in a produce bag, to which he asks, “Do you need that bag in a bag?” 

He then presents a second scenario. A customer steps into his aisle with one item, to which he says, “All right, you got one thing here, do you need a bag?”

In the video, he puts a lot of emphasis on the words “one thing,” as if trying to convince customers that they do not need a bag for one item. 

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In a third scenario, he puts customers’ items into one bag. “I just realized I put all your stuff in one bag. Is that OK, or did you need me to split it up?” he questions in the hopes that they won’t request another bag. 

He shares his last trick, which involves determination and force. “Beep, just scanned some milk,” he says, which he places into the cart. “No, I am not going to ask you. It goes … in the cart,” he adds. 

Garret’s video has 259,000 views and around 400 comments. His viral video has sparked discourse, with viewers sharing their various experiences and opinions about bagging. 

“No, one time a cashier asked if I needed a bag and I said ‘yeah if you don’t mind’ They said ‘I’d rather not’ I didn’t get the bag,” one commented.

Some viewers resonated with Garret’s video, expressing their lack of desire for multiple bags. 

“My dream cashier. I always say I want as few bags as possible and they never listen,” one shared.

Another added, “I use self-check [out] mainly so I can shove as much into as few bags as possible. Also to avoid conversation.”

Some grocery store workers also chimed in about their work experiences bagging. “I cashier at Walmart and most people literally want every single item in bags. Milk, ice cream, and 2-liter sodas must be double-bagged. It’s the worst,” a viewer commented. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Garret via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Nov 1, 2023, 12:28 pm CDT