Old-school Ford Ranger tows massive new truck when it gets stuck on beach

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‘I call it the RANGER DANGER’: Old Ford Ranger tows massive new GMC truck when it gets stuck on beach. Here’s why

‘That’s the worst time to realize you should’ve upgraded.’


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A Ford Ranger enthusiast cheered on the workhorse truck as it towed a much bigger pickup truck on a beach in South Padre Island, Texas, serving as an unofficial commercial to boot.

The video comes from creator linolt4 (@linolt4), drawing more than 607,000 views since going up on Monday. While most of the content from the South Texas-originating account is in Spanish, this video’s in English, with someone vocalizing praise for the Ford Ranger, shown hitched to a larger pickup to pull it from what appears to be wet sand.

It’s notable that the larger truck is a GMC, which is a principal rival of Ford in the truck market.

“Son of a gun!” a voice exults as the towing process begins. “[Expletive] Ford RANGER!”

“See, you might be big…” the man in the video continues to assess, “but you ain’t no [Expletive] Ford [Expletive] RANGER!” A backing track kicks in as the man sings a rhyming couplet reminiscent of what Army trainees might chant on a march—if they were celebrating the virtues of a truck on a beach, that is.

Incidentally, as the singing is happening, the Ranger is indeed pulling the larger truck successfully behind it as a bus motors by.

Is the Ford Ranger a good towing truck?

According to a June 2022 MotorTrend article, multiple iterations of the Ford Ranger are known to tow. “In 1983, Ford offered two different tow packages for Ranger,” the article noted. One was rated at a then-impressive 1,200 pounds. The second, with a different hitch and rear-suspension setup, was capable of pulling a heavier 1,600 pounds.”

Since then, and with the newer iterations, that capacity’s increased, with one model capable to towing up to 7,500 pounds. The article pointed out, “For towing, Ford Ranger’s accessories now include a wiring harness that facilitates mating trailers’ four-pin wiring to the truck’s factory 7-pin connector. This eliminates the need to cut or solder wires to make a trailer’s lights and/or brakes functional.”

Commenters enjoyed the video.

“I call it the RANGER DANGER,” one enthused.

Another offered, “When i heard this song, i already knew a Ford Ranger is doing something amazing.”

Someone else, commenting on the poor sap in the larger truck, said, “That’s the worst time to realize you should’ve upgraded to AWD.”

@linolt4 Ford Ranger, let’s go #fordranger #traileros #956valley #trailerosmexicanos🇲🇽💯😎 ♬ original sound – aaysvec

Several made observations about the superiority of 4×4 trucks, with one noting, “4×4 vs 2wd, Ranger to the rescue.” The original Ranger was introduced in 1983 and went into a hiatus in 2011 in North America; in 2019 the Ranger returned as a mid-size, fourth-generation version.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator, who is promising a podcast for truck drivers is coming soon, via TikTok direct message, and to Ford via email.

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