Flight attendant reveals why she only offers coffee, water, tea, or juice on certain flights

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‘I want a Coke’: Flight attendant reveals why she only offers coffee, water, tea, or juice on certain flights

'Whenever I fly I see so many people who seem to be new to being in public.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Dec 15, 2023

In a new TikTok video, flight attendant Destanie (@destanieaaa) served up a story that have her 432,000 viewers hooked. Titled, “Happy Holidays !!! #flightattendant,” the video is a hilarious montage of what it’s really like dealing with passengers in the sky. Spoiler alert: It’s weird and wild.

Destanie didn’t hold back. She dished on everything from passengers with allegedly “tight” connections to those with peculiar requests. For example, “Hi, I have a really tight connection. It’s actually an hour and 45 minutes.” Destanie says, “An hour and 45 minutes is not a tight connection, and our flight is on time.” 

In another example, Destanie recalls a passenger wanting an airport “golf cart” for a sore knee, but refusing a wheelchair.

In yet another, Destanie recalls telling a passenger to turn down their music on a 6am flight.

“Is that some policy you made up on your own?” the passenger allegedly responded.

Her last encounter detailed how one customer wasn’t too happy about the fact that she couldn’t get a soda during her flight.’

“When we do these long flights. we have two services and the last service is usually like we don’t have enough sodas and stuff so we’ll do like, coffee, water, tea, juice,” she says. According to Destanie, the passenger could not understand that she was not serving sodas and insisted on having a Coke even though Destanie already explained that none were available.

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The comments section buzzed with reactions. One user’s hilariously simple take, “Whenever I flew, I saw so many people who seemed to be new to being in public.”

A fellow flight attendant spilled, “I once had a lady ask me to turn the cabin pressure down because her daughter’s ears were hurting.”

And a commuter rail worker chimed in with her own woes, writing, “The amount of people that blasted music, watched TikToks etc., without headphones was wild.”

Bizarre airline passenger requests aren’t uncommon, as this Travel + Leisure piece details. One attendant said how, in the middle of a flight, a passenger asked for a parachute in the event of “an emergency.”

Another person who got chicken as a meal on a flight beeped an attendant and asked if they could quickly fry the cooked bird, while someone else asked for a cup of water for their pet Falcon they had brought on board.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Destanie via email for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 15, 2023, 10:03 am CST