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‘A humbling experience’: Woman says Equinox refused to sell her a water bottle. She can’t believe why

‘Why would you not go to a regular store tho?’


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Equinox is a gym known for being a pioneer in the world of luxury gyms. According to the company’s website, “Equinox invented the premium health and fitness space and has continued to define it as the brand’s global reach expands and it diversifies into new spaces, offerings, and categories.”

This “premium” experience comes with a hefty price tag. Depending on where one lives and how many Equinox locations they would like accessible to them, an Equinox member can expect to pay anywhere from around $200 to $400 monthly to use the gym chain’s facilities.

While this price may imply a high-end experience, this isn’t always the case, as internet users have previously noted. For example, one user showed an overcrowded pool at an Equinox location that appeared unclean, blasting the chain for charging people $400 to swim in it.

Now, another internet user has sparked discussion after sharing her own Equinox experience.

No water for non-members

In a video with over 727,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user Jean says she went into an Equinox in New York City to buy a bottle of water. In a comment, she clarified that she had previously gone to a nearby deli but all of their available water was warm. What happened next surprised her.

“I just walked into Equinox, because I was so parched, to buy myself a water bottle,” she recalls. “I walk in and I just go, ‘Hi, I just want to buy a water bottle.’ They go, ‘Are you a member?’ I go, ‘No.’ They go, ‘You need to be a member to buy a water bottle.’”

Jean says that even the employees began to laugh at the absurdity of her situation.

“Like, I just can’t comprehend,” she states. “Why do I have to be a member to buy a water bottle?” 

“I guess Equinox doesn’t want nor need my business,” she concludes.

Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section, some users revealed their disbelief that Jean would choose Equinox as a place to buy water, with a few noting the reasons why they would not sell her the water.

“To be fair that’s a wild choice to buy water,” wrote a user.

“Can you go into sams or costco without a membership?” asked another.

“They charge your account for items. They don’t us your CC or cash,” offered a third.

Others claimed that they’ve purchased items from Equinox without a membership in the past, so the ability to buy things like water without a membership may vary by location.

While some were critical of Jean’s choice of store, it isn’t unheard of in New York City; in fact, one woman previously went viral after claiming that she bought an Equinox membership solely to use their bathrooms.

The Daily Dot reached out to Equinox via email and Jean via Instagram direct message.

Correction: Due to a desktop glitch, the Daily Dot’s initial DM to Jean via Instagram did not go through. However, the Daily Dot established contact with Jean afterward via email. She declined to comment further.

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