Former McDonald’s corporate chef says he was blocked from creating burger with egg on it

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‘I had data supporting that the people wanted an egg on their burgers’: Former McDonald’s corporate chef says he was blocked from creating burger with egg on it

‘a multiverse where a Chef run McDs exists’


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While ordering through computerized systems can oftentimes be a pain in the butt, there is something to be said about being able to take the time to look at a digitally interactive menu that lets you mull over potential customizations. McDonald’s has gone pretty heavy on the digital ordering trend, with many locations sporting self-service kiosks that allow folks to trick out their meals any which way they like.

With all of the customizations available for breakfast sandwiches, why not slap an egg on a burger? TikTok user and former McDonald’s corporate chef Mike Haracz (chefmikeharacz) says that there are a number of folks who’ve requested the “10:35 burger”— a special burger/egg concoction available right around the time breakfast wraps up.

Haracz discussed this particular burger in a TikTok clip in which he responded to a viewer’s question about egg-topped burgers and revealed he was “blocked” from creating it as a menu item for the popular fast food brand.

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He repeats the fellow TikToker’s question in his viral video: “I’m a former McDonald’s corporate chef and the question is chef isn’t there some sort of secret menu item that’s sold between breakfast and lunch?”

Haracz responds in the affirmative, but says that getting an egg added onto your burger isn’t as simple as plugging it into your Mickey D’s app or even asking at the counter. Unless, of course, you know the folks who work there: “Yes, I believe some people call it the 10:35 burger where you can get a burger with an egg on it. The chances of that happening, uh, you have to know you know be familiar with the restaurant, you gotta know the crew, maybe know the manager cause that is not something that is normally on the menu,” he says.

At this point in the clip, Haracz states that he was a proponent for eggs on burgers while he was working as a corporate chef for McDonald’s, and he explains how those conversations with higher-ups at the company went when he proposed the idea: “The funny part is I wanted to have eggs on burgers especially with all day breakfast for a long time.”

This proposal wasn’t one steeped only in personal preference, Haracz states, but in actual data. Apparently, during his time at McDonald’s a significant number of folks made this request. “Again, I had data supporting that the people wanted an egg on their burgers, but again I was vetoed by all the powers—whether it’s operations, whether it’s marketing, even at that time some internal things, people just didn’t want me to do fun things I guess. So, a lot of people wanted an egg on the burger, McDonald’s is not willing to do that, so you have to try to hopefully get it at 10:35.”

From Haracz’s video, it doesn’t seem like he’s confident McDonald’s will ever put out the egg-on-a-burger option. Of course, folks in the comments weighed in on the missed opportunity.

One commenter pointed out that other fast food chains, like Steak N’ Shake, were able to put out egg-on-burger options that were well-received by diners: “I remember working at Steak ‘n Shake when the royale burger came out. It was massively popular. Stayed on the menu for a long time.”

Another TikTok user said they love eggs on burgers so much that they actively seek out restaurants who provide this option. “My daughter and I search out restaurants that serve hamburgers served with a fried egg,” the user wrote.

One user pointed out that McDonald’s in Japan have no problem with plopping an egg on someone’s burger if they request it. “What’s crazy is they put eggs on burgers in Japan. I don’t know why they would say no to adding them to American menus,” the user wrote.

Someone else just couldn’t wrap their heads around why this add-on request hasn’t become a staple of the restaurant. “it wouldn’t be too difficult at least to keep some round eggs on hand especially with all day breakfast going,” they wrote.

McDonald’s is, in fact, no longer serving all-day breakfast. The offering was discontinued in March 2020 due to the pandemic and has still not returned. Either way, Haracz is right that the menu option is hard to come by. In May, a TikToker was disappointed after being denied a “McBrunch burger” at her local McDonald’s. Recently, Haracz went viral after noting that since the chain cut all day breakfast, 10:30am is currently one of the worst times to visit.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s and Haracz via email for further comment.

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