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‘We literally can’t serve both at the same time’: TikToker tries to order viral ‘McBrunch burger’ at McDonald’s

‘We don’t have lunch items ready until breakfast is done.’


Braden Bjella


There’s a new TikTok food trend set to be the bane of fast food workers’ existence. It’s called the “McBrunch burger” and it’s exactly what it sounds like it is: brunch items but in burger form.

The concept was first virally introduced to TikTok back in April of 2021 via a video by TikTok user Matt (@theglasssniper). However, the concept has since gone viral again after being featured in a video by food TikToker Tommy Winkler.

@tommywinkler Catch me here at 10:35 every morning🤯 #foodtok #thefoodguy #foodhacks #kingofcrunch #wow #fyp ♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

Now, users are sharing their own experiences attempting to order this “secret menu” item—with limited success.

In a video with over 290,000 views, TikTok user Chelsea (@chels_eats) attempts to order the menu item. The employee cannot make it themselves, leading to Chelsea simply ordering the requisite parts and compiling them by herself.

@chels_eats I had to order it separately BUT i got to try it and its so worth it !! Get a mcdouble only cheese and onion , a round egg & a hashbrown !! #mcdonaldssecrets #mcbrunch #chelseats #fyp #foodie ♬ original sound – Chels_eats

She later posted a review of the sandwich.

@chels_eats I finally got to try a #mcbrunch from @mcdonalds !! And i think they should make it a menu item ! 🤤😛 #chelseatsapproved👍🏽 #chelseats #eatwithme #brunch #foodie #foodtok #foodcritic ♬ original sound – Chels_eats

According to Chelsea, the sandwich is surprisingly tasty, even if it takes a few tries to convince a McDonald’s location to actually serve it to you.

“This was worth it,” she says in the video. “McDonald’s, why aren’t you making this a frickin’ burger on its own?”

As some TikTokers noted in comments, the answer may lie in Chelsea’s difficulty getting the sandwich in the first place: breakfast time limitations.

“Yeah i’ve worked at mcdonald’s, once breakfast is over everything is thrown away and lunch starts,” explained a commenter.

“We literally can’t serve both at the same time,” noted a second. “Our systems won’t let us serve lunch until 10:30 and we can’t serve breakfast after 10:30. And we don’t have lunch items ready until breakfast is done.”

That said, the concept of a breakfast burger isn’t exactly new in the world of fast food.

“Carls Jr/Hardy’s has a breakfast burger and they sell it all day long,” claimed a commenter.

“Go to whataburger and get a breakfast burger,” offered another.

“Go to Sonic! Order bacon egg cheese toaster add burger patty,” suggested an additional TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to both Chelsea and McDonald’s via email.

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