DoorDash customer finds Starbucks order completely soaked

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‘How did the driver not notice’: DoorDash customer receives soaked Starbucks order with empty drink

'At least have the decency to say something.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 17, 2023

While food delivery services try their best to ensure every delivery goes smoothly, this isn’t always the case. 

In some cases, food can get damaged during delivery. A story of one such ruined delivery went viral in January of this year, in which a user ordered 3 pizzas only to have them arrive completely destroyed.

However, in other cases, customers have suspected that foul play was involved in the ruination of their orders. One user claimed their order was destroyed after they didn’t leave a tip. A further user alleged that a DoorDash driver ate part of their order.

Now, another user has showcased their damaged delivery order. 

In her video, TikTok user Demi (@tragicvocals) shows a Starbucks order she claims to have received from DoorDash. The coffee has completely spilled into the bag, depriving her of coffee and soaking the danish she ordered to go along with it.

“That’s so f*cking sad,” she says in the video.

@tragicvocals and starbucks isnt cheap! 😤 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #delivery #doordash #doordashdriver #doordasher #doordashfail #starbucks #mess #spillthedrink #headache #caffeine @DoorDash ♬ original sound – Demi

While DoorDash left a comment claiming that they were going to assist Demi with this issue, this isn’t the first case of a Starbucks delivery gone awry. Back in April, a TikTok user sparked discussion while alleging they were offered only a partial refund after they received a Starbucks order that had, similar to Demi, spilled all over the rest of the delivery.

In Demi’s case, she confirmed to the Daily Dot that DoorDash provided her credits for her ruined order, though she says she hasn’t heard back from the company since they left a comment under her video.

“I was just shocked, [because] I could see the trail of coffee on my sidewalk as it was brought to my door leaking,” she told the Daily Dot over Instagram direct message. “I feel bad for the dasher[‘s] car if it made a mess.”

Commenters were quick to share their thoughts on how something like this could happen.

“Save yourself the trouble and don’t dd Starbucks- they don’t send us proper packaging for deliveries and too many drivers be careless,” wrote a user. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s literally not Starbucks’s fault,” countered another. “the dasher obviously dropped it.”

“Starbucks has the worst cup holding system [they] always spill,” claimed a third. “they gotta use whatever McDonald’s uses …I deliver for doordash and [Uber Eats].”

Demi herself is unsure how this could have happened.

“it’s could have went both ways honestly,” she stated regarding the fault. “Starbucks needs some better delivery packaging if they wanna offer that option, and if [you] know your delivery [is] a drink inside a bag [you] definitely need to be careful.”

All this said, Demi seems to be in good spirits about the incident.

“hey no need for apologies, shit happens,” she wrote in response to a commenter who apologized for the event. “i should’ve done what i normally do and just go for a walk to get it.”

In an Instagram DM message to the Daily Dot, she added, “if anyone else is delivering a drink and it’s leaking and spilled, at least have the decency to say something.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 10:02 am CDT