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‘That was an expensive sip of coffee’: DoorDash customer says she was only given partial refund after coffee leaked since there was still some left in cup

'They're not giving refunds like they used to.'


Phil West


Posted on Apr 3, 2023   Updated on Apr 3, 2023, 1:04 pm CDT

A Cincinnati-area TikToker showed a DoorDash drink delivery that was an absolute fail, leaving commenters weighing in with other DoorDash fails they claim to have experienced.

The video was posted by creator @itsanniebelle, getting nearly 58,000 views since going up on the platform on March 22. The short video shows—as soundtracked by HUGEL’s “WTF”—a Starbucks bag being lifted with coffee dripping out of it.

@itsanniebelle That was an expensive sip of coffee 😫 #doordash #starbucks ♬ WTF (feat. Amber Van Day) – HUGEL

The on-screen caption notes, “DoorDash only offering me a partial refund because …”

She added wryly in the comment accompanying the video, “That was an expensive sip of coffee.”

The comments reveal even more of the story. In response to a commenter noting they got just “$8 from a $24 order” where the DoorDash customer even provided photographic proof, the creator remarked she was offered “$4 on a $30 order where an item was missing, coffee spilled, and food was soaked.”

Later, in another comment, she noted, “I had to send them pictures of the spill trail from the driveway to my porch, through my living room. I think he thought I dumped it.”

One commenter hinted that things are amiss at DoorDash currently, observing, “DD is really bad right now, they’re not giving refunds like they used to. You only have 4 chances and then it’s considered suspicious. Check out Reddit.”

Indeed, there’s a DoorDash subreddit on the social media platform, with recent posts showing some antipathy between the driver camp and the customer camps.

Some of those viewing the video found the content quite relatable.

One commenter cracked, “My bf and I make bets about what’s going to be missing each time. Usually it’s drinks.”

Another diagnosed, “I’m a Dasher and that was on the Dasher. That person dropped your bag.”

“This right here is why I refuse to have any food delivered unless the company is delivering it themselves,” yet another said, asserting that “Doordash/Grubhub just don’t care.”

“That’s probably the best thing to do,” the creator agreed. “DoorDash is always such a gamble.”

Responding to a request for clarification, @itsanniebelle told the Daily Dot, “I had to repeatedly tell them I would not accept the partial refund. The end resolution was a 50% credit and $15 in credits.”

The TikToker was not satisfied with that, though, adding, “I own a company and order DoorDash often for my employees. I have discontinued my membership with DoorDash.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Apr 3, 2023, 12:14 pm CDT