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‘I’m out like 70 bucks and no pizza’: DoorDash customer receives 3 boxes of mangled Casey’s pizza

'That pizza damage HAD to be intentional. like HOW.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jan 17, 2023

Sometimes, online orders don’t go according to plan. That’s what one DoorDash customer learned after placing a recent order for three pizzas from convenience store chain Casey’s.

In the video, TikToker @GetCoopedOn reveals that when the pizzas arrived, each one was destroyed. 

“All three of them are, like—pardon my language, they’re fucked,” says one of the people in the video, who appears to be on the phone with customer service.

The video currently has over 132,000 views.

@getcoopedon thanks doordash #doordash ♬ original sound – GetCoopedOn

The primary focus of the video is a customer service call about the pizza. Throughout the call, the customer humorously explains what exactly happened, while the person on the other end does not seem to be adequately assisting them.

“I tipped this lady, and she looked me dead into the windows of my soul and gave me these three destroyed pizzas,” says the person on the call, referring to the woman delivering their food.

The caller then claims the delivery person said they were going to “ruin [his] night.” Other people in the video are laughing heartily throughout.

“You are not going to get any fucking customer service this way, buddy,” says one of the other people in the video.

There does not appear to be a resolution reached by the end of the video.

“So what am I supposed to do, then?” asks the caller. “I’m out like 70 bucks and no pizza. I’ve got a room full of people who are looking at me. They’ve got tears in their eyes.” 

At first, commenters speculated as to how the state of the pizza could be so poor.

“That pizza damage HAD to be intentional,” offered a commenter. “like HOW.”

“The top pizza was even pulled apart piece by piece,” observed a second.

“It looks like she carried them upright like books on a shelf,” stated a third.

“Lol she probably had them in the seat and slam her car brakes then they ended up in the floor,” considered a further TikToker.

According to some viewers and alleged DoorDash customers, the delivery of pizza is a common problem.

“Pizza is one thing I stopped ordering from door dash because of this,” wrote a commenter. “Plus they don’t have the insulated pizza carriers and it’s always cold.”

Many put the blame on the Dasher instead of the restaurant.

As one user summarized it, “they dashed a little too hard.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email, @GetCoopedOn via TikTok comment, and Casey’s via email.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2023, 8:05 am CST