DoorDash driver takes a risk and accepts cash order.

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‘I turned that feature off’: DoorDash driver takes a risk and accepts Pizza Hut cash order. It backfires

‘I will never ever pay for any customers orders out of my pocket.’


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One of the biggest benefits, as both a customer and a driver for DoorDash, is that all financial transactions are done through the app. The option for tipping and the payouts for the food are all charged to the customer’s credit card so the delivery driver simply grabs the food and gets it to the customer in a timely fashion.

TikToker Chelsea Jo (@finnanquinn) has uploaded several clips on her negative experiences in delivering food with DoorDash where she constantly shares how much she hates working for the app. In a recent video, she talked about how her decision to accept a cash order via the application ended up backfiring.

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“I’m gonna tell you about the massive L I took on DoorDash yesterday,” she says at the beginning of the video. She shares that she accepted a “pay with cash order” because there weren’t a lot of requests coming in through the platform.

“I was like you know what f*ck it. I’m gonna f*ck around and find out and boy did I, I f*cked around and I found out,” she says.

The order was for a Pizza Hut pickup, which Chelsea Jo says went off without a hitch—she got the food, with no problems or notable obstacles worth mentioning. Her problems started once she had to do the actual delivering part, noting that food needed to be brought to an apartment complex.

“There’s like building A, Building B, Building C…and I can’t even get into the buildings unless I’m buzzed in from the inside,” she says.” like I have to have a certain person from that room number buzz me to be able to get inside. “So their address just takes me to the complex it doesn’t take me to an apartment specifically, doesn’t take me to a specific building, just takes me to the complex generally and they have zero other information.”

Chelsea Jo goes claims she was left completely in the dark when it came to figuring out where the DoorDash customer lived—no apartment number, no building indication or building letter.

Her first reaction in this situation would be to simply call the customer on the number that they have associated with the account. However, Chelsea says as she tried hitting them up, it turned out that the number ended up being out of service.

“Why would you order DoorDash if you don’t have a phone in service?” she rants. “You just need a number that the Dasher can contact you.”

Chelsea Jo explains how big of a pickle she found herself in—the Dasher only receives $2.50 from the app, and the order for the food and tip is paid by the customer. Chelsea Jo says that the last time she took one of these orders, she ended up walking away with a $20 tip.

The TikToker ends up calling DoorDash to let them know about the situation, but after also being unable to contact the customer, they instructed her to toss the food and go on her merry way.

No further compensation was awarded to the Dasher. She expresses her frustration with the amount of time she spent picking up the food and attempting to interact with the customer to only receive $2.50 for her time.

Chelsea Jo ends her video by highlighting this incident as a rejoinder to folks who argue that a number of DoorDash customers give their gratuities in cash. She warns that if you’re picking up a cash order, you could be potentially screwing yourself out of a tip by doing so.

One commenter tried to find a silver lining in the experience, writing, “I assume you got the food though? Hope it was a good order.”

Someone else was surprised that DoorDash didn’t offer her more money.

“That’s crazy usually door dash is good about at least giving half pay of what you were offered,” they said. “I’ve never done a cash order though.”

There was one Dasher who said that they outright refuse to take cash orders and have them disabled on the platform.

“I turned off the cash order on my app,” they shared. “I don’t want to do those.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash via email and Chelsea Jo via TikTok comment.

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