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‘TikTok university strikes again’: Woman shares how to debone whole Costco rotisserie chicken in 1-minute with hack

'Not me wondering if I can do it with a turkey and a garbage bag at Thanksgiving.'


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Posted on Jan 3, 2024   Updated on Jan 3, 2024, 12:25 pm CST

TikToker June Penny (@junepenny) has the internet all abuzz with her latest culinary adventure: deboning a Costco rotisserie chicken in under a minute.

With a shocking 1.1 million views, Penny’s video showcases a hack that’s equal parts genius and hilarious: massaging a whole rotisserie chicken inside a plastic bag to effortlessly separate meat from bones.

“I’m gonna try to debone this rotisserie chicken. And under a minute with this bag. You ready?” Penny exclaims directly to the camera as she begins the process, jazzed about what’s to come.

The comments section transformed into a virtual comedy club, with users dropping witty remarks and sharing their reactions.

One user humorously lamented, “Me annoyed that I just shredded a rotisserie chicken 2mins ago and this is the first video that pops up while I take a break.” Another, thinking bigger, mused, “Not me wondering if I can do it with a turkey and a garbage bag at Thanksgiving.”

Amidst the gigglers, some users voiced their pickiness about the chicken’s less desirable bits: “I can’t stand extra cartilage, veins, fat, etc.,” confessed one user, while another agreed, “I’d still have to pick through it to get the cartridge out.” But one savvy user chimed in with a golden tip: “FYI…Costco sells their rotisserie chicken in a vacuum pack, already deboned! Great for things like soup!”

In an era where quick and easy reigns supreme, Costco’s rotisserie chickens have become a customer staple for numerous dishes, from salads and soups to stir-fries and pot pies. Remarkably, despite inflation and rising food costs, Costco has managed to keep the price of these chickens at a steady average of $4.99 since 2020. Selling over 100 million chickens annually, with a record 117 million in 2022, Costco’s rotisserie chicken is both a crowd-pleaser and a clever business move.

@junepenny Rotisserie chicken hack #debonechicken in less than a minute. . #tiktokviral #tiktokmademedoit #chicken #carcass #costco #foodhack ♬ original sound – It’s June Penny

Penny’s viral hack adds another layer of convenience to an already incredible deal. “This hack really works? Look at this piece. Mmm. Love you,” she concludes, satisfied with the outcome.

After the inflation-riddled year of 2023, a $4.99 chicken that can be effortlessly deboned is nothing short of a miracle. So next time you’re at Costco, remember Penny’s hack and enjoy the simplicity of boneless chicken bliss, courtesy of “TikTok University,” as one commenter put it.

She isn’t the only Costco customer who has professed their love for Costco’s rotisserie offering. Another user on TikTok wanted to test whether or not the chain’s membership fees were worth it for a single person who is living alone, and she immediately learned that was the case after her first trip.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Penny via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2024, 7:00 pm CST