David's Cookies PSA about how you can get them cheaper at home vs. at Subway


‘If you don’t believe me, order them and try’: Do Starbucks, Subway, Great American Cookie all use David’s Cookies?

'I should NOT have received access to this information.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Sep 1, 2023

This restaurant consultant just ruined your diet forever. In a viral TikTok video, she explains just how you can skip the middleman and have the delicious cookies you thought were only available at restaurants delivered to you directly.

“I can tell you that several several several brands, companies, cafes, including a very large cookie brand that a lot of y’all love use this brand of cookies from David’s,” says the majestic unicorn (@the.majestic.unicorn) in a video dropped earlier today.

The unicorn says she is a former restaurant manager turned consultant and store opener. Her viral video, which as of this article’s publication stands at 155,500 views, spills the beans on where to get those delicious cookies you thought were only available at Subway, Starbucks, and Insomnia.

@the.majestic.unicorn #stitch with @Taco reacts #greenscreen ♬ original sound – themajestic🦄

“If you go on David’s website you can order the cookies frozen or baked to yourself at home,” she reveals to her followers. “If you don’t believe me, order them and try them and you will see yourself.”

“This isn’t something that the company disclosed to me,” she says. “This is something I realized as one of their first customers.”

“I realized everyone uses these cookies.”

One commenter on the video went into panic mode regarding their health now that the secret was out.

“Insomnia cookies???” AAA.LY.AAA (@aa.ly.aa) wrote. “bc I will literally give myself diabetes.”

One viewer wanted more details asking if David’s provided the goods to her favorite cookie store.

“Please tell me you’re talking about Great American Cookie. I’ll buy that website out,” she wrote.

Majestic Unicorn responded, “I plead the fifth y’all lmfaooo. imma just say cop the cookies from David’s because they are goated.” We have reached out to her through TikTok for further comment.

“That’s what they use at my work. My work also host a cookie hour twice a day where cookies are only a dollar each. So it can’t be that expensive,” one viewer stated.

According to David’s website, “Our products are distributed nationwide and customers include national restaurant chains, hotels, school systems, B&I accounts, independent restaurants, colleges and universities, caterers, scoop shops, summer camps, etc.”

 The Daily Dot has reached out to David’s Cookies via email for further comment.

“I work for a catering company and we normally use a different brand but ran out and had to get these. They are SO MUCH BETTER,” another commenter added.

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*First Published: Sep 1, 2023, 10:43 pm CDT