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‘I’m not making this’: Starbucks customer orders water blended with ice

'I don't understand why this made so many people mad.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Aug 31, 2023

Credit should be given when credit is due, and you simply have to hand it to this TikToker: She found a way to make the simplest Starbucks order complicated. And the baristas in her comments section are definitely not feeling it.

Entrepreneur Big Bae (@_.bigbae), who has over 140,000 followers and refers to herself as an influencer in her bio, dropped a video featuring her drink hack one day ago, and it picked up over 216,000 views in a day. In it, she shows her followers how she spices up her water order at Starbucks.

“When I go to Starbucks I ask for the biggest water, and I tell them to blend the ice with the water. Thank me later,” she tells viewers. She writes in the video’s caption that the order is “like a water slushie.”

@_.bigbae Its like a water slushie #fyp #foryou #starbucks #starbuckshack ♬ original sound – Big Bae

While Bae’s new hydration method is bound to excite some people, she got a lot of negative feedback from current and former Starbucks workers in the video’s comments.

“I’m not making this at work,” wrote Toneisha Luckett (@toneishaluckett).

“Tbh we charging you for a custom tea,’ another wrote.

One commenter outright refused the idea, writing, “We don’t blend it.”

However, many commenters found the idea intriguing—even if some were scared of how their barista might react.

“Omg my Starbucks People will hate me for this I already get the biggest cup with extra extra ice and that’s too much. I am so doing this,” wrote Hanna Belai (@belaihanna).

“They don’t give you attitude about it?? I feel like they’d be haters if I tried to ask. But that sounds so good,” one commenter asked.

“I’m trying it tomorrow on my way to work!! Don’t care lbs,” another added.

Bae has already replied to her critics in a follow-up video. “I don’t understand why this made so many people mad,” she asks in the video. “Y’all put so much sugar, whipped cream, cold foam, all this other sh*t in these drinks. Why we can’t get frozen water?”

She received a more positive reaction in her follow-up video, with viewers saying things like “you’re so real for this!! people get mad at everything these days!!!!” and “i was confused on why the comments were so negative.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bae via TikTok for further comment.

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*First Published: Aug 31, 2023, 12:23 pm CDT