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‘For their prices!!! GO GET THAT REFUND’: Woman cries over Crumbl Cookies experience, notices something unusual about the cookies

‘This is going in the trash.’


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Numerous customers have previously claimed their cookies from viral cookie chain Crumbl Cookies have come undercooked and doughy, but this latest review has brought a TikToker to literal tears.

The video starts with @yannahhh777 wiping away tears in her car, trying to collect herself. “So I look like a big back crying over Crumbl,” she says with a laugh.

She goes on to explain her predicament. “I went to order, I ordered online, and I put the ‘cookies and cream’ bar in there, and I get here and they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s sold out. And I’m like, ‘I literally waited to the last day, of course, to try this.’”

For @yannahhh777, missing out on the cookies and cream bar was a big deal. “If you know me, you know I love everything ‘cookies and cream’. Like ‘cookies and cream’ is my favorite. And for them to tell me that it’s sold out, I was so mad. Like I’m literally crying.”

Despite the disappointment, she says she tried to make the best of it. “Instead of the ‘cookies and cream’ one, they gave me an extra confetti one. And I don’t even know if I’m gonna like it, but this is just what I have to work with,” she explains.

The video then transitions to a taste test that quickly goes awry. The confetti cookie, a substitute for her desired choice, is the first one she picks up. She examines it closely, poking at the doughy center. “Stop! These cookies are raw! Am I going to do anything about it? No, because I’m not a complainer,” she remarks.

What follows is the taste test. Her verdict? “Zero. Guys, it’s literally stuck to my hand. … Zero out of five stars on Yelp. I’m sorry.”

@yannahhh777 goes for another cookie, but that one completely crumbles in her hands before she can even take it out of the box. “Stop, that is raw. No, I’m not even gonna try that,” she says.

@yannahhh777 deems the peach cobbler cookie, allegedly the only one that’s not raw, inedible due to its taste. After taking a bite, the TikToker immediately spits it out, saying, “No, no, this is going in the trash.”

@yannahhh777 #CapCut PLEASE TELL ME IM NOT CRAZY AND THOSE WERE RAW!!!! #fyp #crumblcookies ♬ original sound – yannah🥥

The video, posted on May 26, has since garnered 811,700 views and a wide variety of perspectives in the comments section.

One commenter called it the “most accurate Crumbl review,” while others debated the fine line between raw and “soft and gooey.”

“Every time i’ve had them they’re RAW i do not believe they’re just ‘soft and gooey,’” one claimed.

“Everyone is saying they are fresh and gooey babe that’s RAWWW,” another argued.

How much do Crumbl Cookies cost?

Others remarked on the cost of Crumbl Cookies, encouraging the customer to seek a refund.

“‘A couple bucks’ BABE THAT IS A GOOD $20 R U FR RN,” one said.

“For their prices!!! GO GET THAT REFUND GIRL,” another pushed.

According to @yannahhh777’s TikTok bio, she lives in California. In the state, a regular-sized four-pack of cookies is $18. That appears to be the pack @yannahhh777 bought. And each individual cookie bought is $5.

The Oreo collab

The Cookies and Cream Oreo Milkshake Cookie is the dream child of a Crumbl Cookie and Oreo collab. It was available for just one week and has received high praise from Crumbl fans. While @yannahhh777 thought she was too late to get her hands on one of these cookies, her story had a happy ending.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker shares that she was able to try a mini Oreo Crumbl cookie. She also says that Crumbl reached out to her to make things right. “I got a mini 12 pack,” she says.

The mini 12-pack is priced at $30 in California.

She bites into the mini Cookies and Cream Oreo Milkshake Cookie. “See how hard it is, guys?” she asks. “That’s how I knew there was something wrong with the last one because this is what it’s supposed to look like.”

She holds the cookie up to the camera and it appears cooked all the way through.

She rates the cookie a 10 out of 10. “MUCH BETTER,” she added in the caption.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @yannahhh777 via TikTok comment and to Crumbl Cookies via its press email.

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