Worker has to peel chocolate off of chocolate-covered strawberries to oblige customer’s bizarre request


‘Sooo strawberries?’: Worker has to peel chocolate off of chocolate-covered strawberries to oblige customer’s bizarre request



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Posted on Dec 18, 2023   Updated on Dec 18, 2023, 11:21 am CST

Social media is always full of strange customer requests but this one takes the cake—or at least the ice cream cake. Choco Mania Cafe is a Michigan-based ice cream eatery that bills itself as “one of its kind.” But one customer proved they’re more unique than the menu.

Choco Mania Cafe specializes in “stir-fried ice cream,” aka “Thai ice cream,” a confection made by mixing cream and other ingredients on a minus 22-degree cold plate into a mix that is then scraped off into cigar-shaped rolls and served together in a cup.

According to their menu, the cafe is currently offering a “Chocolate Covered Strawberry Rolled Ice Cream,” a dish consisting of chocolate-covered strawberries and Nutella mixed with cream. But that didn’t fit the dietary requirements of one customer.

The result has TikTok viewers scratching their heads.

Featured YouTuber Dani Razooqi (@danirazooqi) posts videos of Choco Mania’s treats on his own TikTok account. His video posted on Nov. 20 has picked up over 1.6 million views, but it’s due to Razooqi’s formidable ice cream skills.

The video shows Razooqi accommodating a customer request that seems to be completely counterintuitive.

The video’s on-screen text reads: “When a customer wants the chocolate-covered strawberry without the chocolate.” In it, he painstakingly selects two chocolate-covered strawberries and then removes, by hand, the chocolate.

Razooqi then mixes the berries with cream, scrapes the frozen concoction into rolls, garnishes it with yet another strawberry that has been stripped of its chocolate shell, and serves it.


I think that works too

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“Sooo strawberries?” Christopher Towns658 (@christophertownsend_06) wrote in the comments section.

Many of Razooqi’s viewers are similarly perplexed.

“A chocolate covered strawberry without the chocolate really it’s just a strawberry then,” one wrote.

“I’m starting to think these ‘customers’ are you cuz WHO TF WANTS CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES WITHOUT THE CHOCOLATE,” another demanded.

Another viewer sympathized, writing, “Now I feel you on this one, he should’ve just asked for fricken strawberries.”

“You are very accommodating to your customers,” another added.

One does have to ask if strawberries were just thin on the ground that day. Razooqi could have saved stress by just using the non-chocolate variety—in other words, plain strawberries—and saved the trouble of stripping the chocolate off.

Indeed, many of the items on Choco Mania Cafe’s menu feature fresh strawberries, so one must ask if this was a special request on the customer’s part—maybe they like just a “hint” of chocolate? Or did the store just run out of fresh berries that day?

The Daily Dot has reached out to Razooqi via Instagram messages for further comment.

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*First Published: Dec 18, 2023, 4:00 pm CST