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‘I already know someone called an hour in advance for this’: Starbucks barista makes strawberry ice cream at work

‘If I order this will they kill me?’


Braden Bjella


Starbucks hacks are incredibly popular on TikTok. From ways to get typical Starbucks drinks for a lower price to new dishes customers can order with Starbucks ingredients, the platform is rife with content for customers interested in changing up their experience at the chain.

However, these hacks aren’t without controversy. Numerous Starbucks baristas have posted videos begging customers not to try these hacks, while some have claimed to stop the hacks in their tracks as soon as they see the order come in.

Now, another user and Starbucks employee on TikTok has gone viral after sharing their creation—and sparked debate in the process.

In a video with over 315,000 views, TikTok user @crystalstarbucksvids shows how to make strawberry ice cream using only ingredients from Starbucks.

@crystalstarbucksvids 🍓⭐️starbucks strawberry icecream⭐️🍓 #fyp #foryou #starbucks #starbucksbarista #baristalife #baristatok ♬ Narcos – Main Theme – Geek Music

According to the TikToker, making this ice cream involves mixing sweet cream and strawberry puree in a blender. From there, they freeze the mixture for an hour. After topping the concoction with a freeze-dried strawberry, their strawberry ice cream is finished.

In the comments section, numerous Starbucks workers said that they planned on making this in their own locations.

“I am sooo trying this when i go in tomorrow,” wrote one user.

“I’m going to do this with mocha tomorrow and make chocolate ice cream,” offered another. This user later posted an update after trying out the recipe, saying, “The chocolate was amazing. Strawberry and the vanilla bean one we also made were just okay.”

However, a few users feared that videos like these will inspire customers to try to order the item—leading to headaches for the baristas tasked with making them.

“I know other employees are going to be mad when people try ordering this,” shared a commenter.

“If i order this will they kill me,” asked a second.

“The reason we get people asking for stuff that doesn’t exist. This. Right here,” stated a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to @crystalstarbucksvids via TikTok comment.

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