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‘I’ve never heard anyone ever suggest this’: Customer shares Chipotle hack to get 4 meals for $9

‘All this cost $9.18. That’s free food.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok video, a Chipotle customer shared how they’re able to get about four meals for $9.

In the clip, Hayley (@hayleydlm) is sitting in her car after seemingly picking up her Chipotle order. She’s holding an empty Chipotle bowl that she seems to have scraped all the food out of.

She explains that she’s never heard of her Chipotle hack online, so she wanted to share it on TikTok for others to try. Hayley goes on to say that she frequently eats Chipotle, and when she stops by, she gets a bowl with a normal amount of protein but asks for extra sides since they’re free.

She then pulls out a plastic food container where she transferred her meal, and it’s nearly full to the brim with food.

“All this cost $9.18. That’s free food. This is like four meals for me. So, here’s my little hack and I share with you,” Hayley says.

The video has more than 60,000 views and over 2,200 likes as of Wednesday morning.

@hayleydlm My chiptole hack! Get extra sides for free! Double amount of food for free 🥳 #chipotle #chipotlehack #freefood #freefoodhack ♬ original sound – hayleydlm

“My chipotle hack! Get extra sides for free! Double amount of food for free,” the caption reads.

Multiple commenters thanked Hayley for the hack.

“You’re an influencer I’ve be influenced,” one person said.

“Thank you, beautiful queen,” another wrote.

One viewer claimed that even when they ask for extra sides like beans and rice, their location barely gives any more than the standard scoop. “The chipotle’s I’ve been to have always been stingy,” they said.

Hayley responded, sharing that she always orders through Chipotlelane and gets “mounds” of food.

For those unfamiliar, Chipotlelane is the food chain’s digital order drive-thru pick-up lane, according to the Chipotle website. By November 2022, Chipotle had 500 of these drive-thru locations. This year the chain plans to open between 255 to 285 new restaurants, and they intend for at least 80% to include a Chipotlelane.

The Daily Dot previously reported on other viral Chipotle hacks, including one in which a trainer asks for a triple-wrapped burrito with a double of everything (except meat). Another TikToker shared how they avoid getting stingy servings.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hayley via TikTok comment and to Chipotle via email.

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